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Basilisk vs Medusa (30k)?


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Slot is 0-1 for a squadron of 1-3 of the same tank. I already have some basilisk earthshaker cannons (easily converted to Medusa Siege Guns) and at least one chimera chasis lying around, so cash cost is negligible.


Both are Ordnance Barrage 1 with a large blast. The 30k versions are BS4 and lose open-topped.


So, the main differences are:





-36" of range

-No minimum range

-15pts more expensive





-240" of range

-36" minimum range


Special note:

Minimum range only applies when you cannot draw line of sight to the target. So for 30k, their is a common SM upgrade that permits LoS to be drawn from the upgraded model when firing barrage from any model in the same army (Nuncio-Vox).


Which is better, in your opinion?

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Medusa isn't Barrage, unless the 30K stuff is completely different.


Also, the Rules for Barrage now mean that you count as not having LoS if within the Minimum Range, but can still fire.

30k is different, unless it is a typo. Their is an alternative fire mode for the Medusa with a certain hq selection, and that is direct only. If Medusa is direct only, then I'll go with the basilisk every time. 


Medusa all the way. With flare shields you need the extra strength and ap2 is always better.

Flare shields only affect the front vehicle arc, barrage always hit side.So they don't affect eachother .

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Medusa all the way. With flare shields you need the extra strength and ap2 is always better.

Not always. Remember the basilisk is a strong deturant for opponents that spend most of the game in the backfield. The Medusa has terrible range, by comparison.

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Are you looking at getting the Solar Auxilia one, the Artillery platform/carriage, or the Chimera-based one? The Solar Auxilia and Chimera-based versions look like they should be really easy to make swappable.

Converting a chimera based one. I'll look into swapping.

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Didn't get a chance to get the model built in time, but did get a game of 30k in today at 1000pts. I did run a whirlwind (which fills the same 0-1 slot for this). Nothing worth writing a battle report for, but I did get a chance to test some things out. Regarding the above discussion, I have some thoughts:


S10 would have been very useful regarding mechanicum enemies which were T5 with multiple wounds.


Barrage is really common, as both opponents (3-way battle) had HQs with once-per game barrage options.


The whirlwind is not worth it...(I did already know this).


One opponent spent the entire game 60+" from my forces.

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So ap 2 is a disadvantage?

It's one of those circumstantial tactical things. It's not really a disadvantage to have the ap2 hit enemy, but it may hit my own forces, and if so, it can be advantageous to match the weapon to my forces.


Sort of like how S10 blasts could be a disadvantage if I'm fielding lots of T5 models with multiple wounds and/or FNP.


Mind you, this all assumes I miss the target by enough to hit my own units. I suppose this sort of tactic would qualify as 'planning to fail.' Though it really isn't much different than taking FNP for units with 'gets hot' weapons to decrease their losses from their own shooting. 

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