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AoS on Sat 6/25

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Reserved table at 5:00 as usual,though there is good chance additional tables can be made available.


I think since we will still be awaiting the Generals handbook release this may be a good time to perhaps try out some Silver Tower action?.Of course if players want to do regular AoS thats cool too,I can bring both:)

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Would like to try out the Throne of Skulls system next weekend if anyone wants to throw down with it:)




This is probably the most popular format AoS has been using at WHW for the past year and is based off the "school league" system that was released soon after the game last summer.


Basically each player can take an army of 30 models that must have a hero to be their general.Up to 15 models can be added to their army through summoning or other means of addition.


The balancing factor is through comparing total wounds counts prior to game start with the underdog player having advantages in additional vp`s available to earn throughout the game.


The games last for 4 turns or 1.5 hrs which even comes first so should work well during the saturday evening session.

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Well I meant that's the only types of armies that will be present. If it's just by models then no one will take any small/infantry units

Thats not at all how they have played out at WHW though...


To give some perspective,the maximum wound count possible using 30 Archaon`s is 600..the minimum using a 4 wound hero and single wound models is 33,,this makes the mean somewere near 315 wounds.


Now certainly if its 30 Archaon`s vs a Goblin shaman and 29 gobbos,its going to be a stomp..not unlike if one player brings the least effective list from a point comp system and goes up against a highly refined list using the same comp.


If someone needs to win so bad as to show up with say,7 monsters and 23 hero`s even that wound count is going to be around 200.Having made a few lists for this format in the past out of what I can field,I come up with an average of around 100 wounds.This would place me beyound the maximum underdog bonus of 80 wounds or more difference.Also my lists usually include 2-3 monsters,3 or so hero`s,some heavy units(2-3 wound each model) then a couple of warmachines/support units,the remaining rank and file.


I would be happy to be the underdog in the above scenario,,and heres why.The maximum laurals of victory attainable by the non underdog player is 8,were the maximum LoV attainable by the Underdog player is 24,of course getting all of those laurals is near impossible but getting at least one is very possible,,that one being the "dont get tabled" one..and it would award 4 LoV.All the underdog has to do is pick up some early game objective control LoVs then avoid being tabled,maybe get a LoV for a unit or model kill and they would win regardless of how bad their army got thrashed.


This system is proven to work well for both balance and fast playing rounds,thats why WHW has used it and variants of it for their events.

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You can find a lot of battle reports on Youtube of people using this system.  It does work out very well.  Ironically enough the "underdog" has some huge advantages, so bringing just an army of monsters and heros is not really all that intelligent.  Which is what Threejacks is saying.  


Plus keep in mind that if someone brings something so overpowered and unfun, people aren't going to want to play with them anymore haha.  That's also a pretty good balancing factor!

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