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Battle for Vedros


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From BolS a couple days ago-



Wondering what fellow fanatics thought about this.After seeing the "two pages" of rules im wondering if this is the roots of the next rendition of 40k,or at least a "beginner" version of the game.With the to hit and to wound charts being removed it sure looks alot like AoS...


There are expansions to this version of the game and im pretty sure the goal would be to have players transition from this type of play to the full game.But the rules leap between the two would likely turn off most younger players.So to me it seems that there will be some "meshing" of the two rulesets in the pipeline.As ive said before,40k does NOT have to be ravaged to the extent WHFB was in order to be more along the lines of what AoS is...actually they are very similar and in many ways 40k could benifit greatly from a more streamlined presentation like AoS,Warscrolls = Dataslates,Codex = Battletomes.And im certain points would remain in the game,they know better than that,lol.


Also we would likely be looking at free dataslates and an app just like in AoS.


How can you tournament/veteran players see this playing out?..is Vedros a one-off product?,,or the next rendition?

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