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Hafza Trickery


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Looked it up in the new rules; Mayacast dudes are wrong on this one.  They are saying that a HP1 model can't use it's projector in a fire team as it is a "marker state", and must therefore represent themselves as hafza models and open information if they want to be in a link.  It's not a marker state, and even this example shows they are intended to be able to project in a link.






A Fireteam Core of Janissaries with a Hafza in Holoprojector L1 state imitating a Janissary, declares a Move + BS Attack Order. The Hafza, who is not the Team Leader, moves and provides support to the Team Leader, which is considered an Idle. As this Short Movement Skill doesn’t require a Roll, the Hafza is not revealed, and so remains in the Holoprojector L1 state.

However, in the following Order, the Team Leader declares Dodge, so all the Fireteam members make a PH Roll. In this situation, the Hafza is revealed automatically."

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