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9th Age game this weekend? 7/2-7/3, PDX / VNC

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Hey all! Like the title says, I'm looking to get a practice game of 9th Age in this weekend. I've actually yet to play a game, so I'm hoping to find someone who doesn't mind a "noob" adjusting from 8th to 9th stumbling through the rules. I can bring a smaller practice force, or I can bring my full 2500 OFCC list and give you a practice game too :)


I live in Vancouver, but happy to travel to Portland area. If at all possible, the earlier the better (prefer noon or 1); Fireworks + dogs makes it a crappy time of year for my pups, so would like to get home while it's still light out. Saturday or Sunday both work, although Saturday would be preferred.




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On this side of the river, Dice Age should have some space available; they have Infinity, Saga, and Open Gaming on the schedule for noon, so I would guess we could probably grab a table; I don't usually visit there on the weekends though, so can't make any claims to how busy they may or may not be. Couldn't tell you how things are on the Portland side, although there's always table reservations at GG.


I'm happy to make on inquiry to Dice Age about Saturday availability, or see about reserving a table at GG :smile:

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