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Clearing out some space...


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Hey All, so I am selling some extra stuff that is currently just sitting around my place not being played with I have lost interest in most of these so please no trades, but if you would like to offer something please feel free to ask. Bold is Pending.


Two Player starter box for Dropzone Commander, Includes everything except Tape Measure and Dice - 20$


Flames of War Bundle (Would like to sell together) 60$ for the lot

    12 Sherman Tanks

      2 Firefly Tanks

    One un-opened box that contains the parts to make either 5 fireflys or 5 sherman tanks

     One unit of american paratroopers

   Rising Sun Source book

    Market Garden source book

    Flames of War Rulebook (Hardcover) plus Flames of War Forces book and Flames of War Hobby Book


I also have the Shadowrun Core rulebook 10$ and the Iron Kingdoms Warmachine rpg rules book 10$, Warhammer 40k Tau Empire armybook (latest edition) 10$


Hordes lot, not interested in the game anymore looking to get rid of the Circle Army taking up space in my closet, several models are in various states of paint and some are in need of fixing, I have most of the bits for everything so it is just a matter of putting them back together. would like to sell as one lot but can be persuaded to do otherwise, maybe. 150$

   Arcane Fulcrum 


Blackclad wayfarer


Wolves of orboros

2 gallows groves

2 units of shifting stones with ua

warborn skinwalkers

tharn blood pack

druids of orboros with ua 

3 gorax


feral warpwolf

warpwolf stalker

pureblood warpwolf


2 argus 

2 winter argus

2 pKaya

Ekaya and laris

Cassius and Wurmwood

Swamp Gobbers bellows



Lord of the feast

Nice Wood Circle of Orboros tokens

NO mk3 faction cards sorry




I will be posting some more stuff as I find it so please stay tuned. 

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