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Skyhammer with Drop Wulfen + Assassin


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This list forgoes the murder pack that I really like. For the Imperial Fist Sky-hammer formation and a Wolf Cad detachment to get OS for a change in my list.


Tau have been my bane as well as death-stars. The assassin hides in the rhino intel needed. Once the new FAQ goes live the rhino loses the bubble effect which is fine as the death-star has to get close first and the rhino is going to be next to the thunder wolves.


The idea of the list is to drop in close say hi and make you make a choice about who you need to shot. Stopping over watch the turn my wulfen or thunder wolves charge is huge.



lvl 2 Libby on jump pack


Wulfen with 5 Thunder hammer and Storm Shield

Wulfen with 5 Thunder hammer and Storm Shield


5 blood claws with drop pod

5 blood claws with rhino


2 drop pods

6x thunderwolves with 6 Storm shields, 2 Power Fist,



Skyhammer Annihilation Force



2x(identical) assault squads 1 , jump packs, sergeants power axe


1xDevastator Squads 2 multi-melta, vanilla sergeant, dedicated drop pod

1xDevastator Squads, 2x heavy bolters vanilla sergeant, dedicated drop pod



Culexus assassin



I have ten units coming in on turn 1, if you count the drop pods. the Wolfen an thunder wolves should be charging turn 2 with back up from the sky hammer. Hopefully by stopping over watch to the unit charging.


Tell me what you think.

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