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Store in The Dalles Having Insane Sale


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Hey everyone.  Our Columbia Gorge Gaming Shop has decided to have an insane store wide sale.  Buy one, get the next Half Off on everything in the shop.

This includes Games Workshop Products, Warmahordes, Bolt Action, tons of Board Games, RPGs, Paints etc.  

Well worth the drive.  There are multiple boxed games from Games Workshop waiting to be picked up for half off!  

I don't work for the store, I just know that for those of us true collectors out there, this kind of deal doesn't come around very often!  




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Yea guys, seriously, if you're looking to build a new army it is worth a drive.

I just left.

First off it's not only Buy One Get One Half Off!  It's Buy Four Get Two Half Off, and SO ON!!!!!!

I did a quick look at what is there for 40k after I got what i wanted and:

Full compliment of Marines for an army.  Full selection of Tau, several Chaos Marine units, an Imperial Knight (new one), Void Shield Generator, Several Ork units, five or six Build An Army boxes (the $85 dollar ones), and three Space Hulk games, and what I think is the real gem 3 Betrayal of Calth boxed sets so if you want to start that 30k Army, well...

Anyway it's worth the drive.  I didn't even spend much time looking at the Warhammer boxes, or other miniatures.  


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