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Khorne Daemonkin question


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Sort of an FAQ question, but GW doesn't really have those (especially for my questions...).


If my Blood Throne model has both the Brazen Rune artefact and the Lesser Locus of Abjuration, do I lose the effects of the Lesser Locus of Abjuration by triggering the once-per-game effect of the Brazen Rune?


Rules in question:



Brazen Rune

The bearer of the Brazen Rune has the Adamantium Will special rule. Futhermore, once per game at the start of your opponent's Psychic phase, you can declare that the bearer is unleashing the power bound within the Brazen Rune. For the rest of the phase, any enemy Psyker unit within 24" that attempts to manifest a psychic power and rolls any double will suffer Perils of the Warp. At the end of the phase in which the Brazen Rune's power was unleashed, the bearer loses the Adamantium Will special rule.





Lesser Locus of Abjuration

The model has the Adamantium Will special rule.


So, the quest is, if I have a special rule granted by two sources, and I lose the special rule from one of those sources, does that mean I lose the rule for the second source?

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That's what I'm thinking, but I think it's weird that it doesn't clarify considering they are in the same book and can both be given to the same model.


And the further question, is that if it does burn out the locus, how does this interact with the Blood Throne's Totem of the Chosen Legion?



Totem of the Chosen Legion

Units with the Khorne Daemonkin Faction  within 6" of this model benefit from the Herald's locus, exactly as if they were part of the same unit.

But if my Blood Throne loses the Adamantium Will special rule, then I think, RAW, this effect would also go away. Which makes the Brazen Rune a liability, rather than an improvement for my Blood Throne.

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the brazen rune burns out and you lose that adamantium will but you get it from the loci instead. just as two power fists doesn't give you 4 X the strength but if you lose one you can still use the other for double strength.

Hmmm...don't know if this is close enough an example to contradict the RAW, but sounds like RAI is agreed by most players to the point where it won't cause issues to assume it works RAI.

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If we are talking a strict RAW interpretation here, having both the Rune and the Locus would give you Adamantium Will twice (though you can't actually have an ability twice, so that would do nothing.) Activating the Rune would then cause you to lose Adamantium Will... but as that is an instantaneous (albeit permanent) effect, the continuous effect from the Locus would then re-grant you Adamantium Will anyways.


So yeah, it works the way you would expect it to work.

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