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AOS Battle at Glimpses


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Great game tonight. The mighty Ogors fought the Ironjawz with some Bone Splitter and Aleguzzler Gargant allies over the Border Patrol mission. Ironjawz destroyed the Ogors but barely won the mission with one victory point. Myself and Jeremy played with 4 onlookers present. Next time we need to get more games going.

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Great game tonight! A rematch of Skaven Pestilence vs Khorne Bloodbound at 1000pts. The Skaven army consisted of Verminlord Corrupter, Plague priest on furnace, 10 censor bearers and 3 units of 20 monks. Khorne army was Mighty lord of Khorne, blood secreator, blood stoker, 20 reavers, 10 blood warriors, 10 Wrath mangers, and Khorgorath. The scenario was Blood and Glory which consists of 4 objectives to control by the end of turn 3. If you manage to control all 4 by the end of turn three you get a major victory. Otherwise he who controls the most objectives by turn five wins. It was s bloody, brutal match with the Skaven and blood bound dying in droves. The Mighty lord of Khornes reality splitting axe took its toll by claiming both the Verminlord and the Furnace before he succumbed to a hoard of rats. In the end though, it was the Skaven that managed to just barely capture all 4 objectives by turn three to claim a major victory!

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