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H: Random Bits Clear Out W: $$$


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Ihave been tidying up bits boxes and found some bits that I won't use. All of them are offer (plus shipping, if appropriate). Pretty much any offer will get them. Any that don't get scooped will get donated to that bits thing for OFCC we were talking about in the other thread.


- Pile of metal nurglings PENDING



- Pile of Metal Chaos Hounds and the bottom of a metal dragon centaur?



- Pile of metal IG (2 old army, Shaffer with no right arm, Mordian Commissar with no arm, Scrounger, Cadian ML with no ML arm, Newer Yarrick with PK cut off, Orlock Heavy with no weapon, 3.5 Catachan Heavy Flamers with no HF)



- Buff dude with two pistols (unknown system)



- Chaplain (missing arm and crozius snipped), Bolter/Power Axe Marine and PF Marine



- Random VC pile (see picture, cause I'm lazy)


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