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Warhammer universe books

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So not 100% about the game play, but, since I'm interested in getting into playing and not just painting, I figured that some background story would make it more interesting for me. However, there are literally a hundred or more books. I have zero idea where to start.

So, for a newb to the warhammer universe, which novels are a good place to start? Specifically fantasy. I'm really not into the futuristic side. At least not yet.

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The getting started guide, its like 8 bucks, goes into basic storyline plus has rules and painting for khorne and stormcasts. Any of the audiobooks are great.


I really like Gav Thorpe's warbeast in the realmgate series (its book 5 i think)


Then you select a grand alliance you like you should get their manual and includes the warscrolls for all models under that banner, except legacy scrolls aka tomb kings etc, as well as basic background information for that alliance, armybooks are more about collecting just a faction of whats available under a grand alliance.


Theres no wrong answer, but start collecting boxes provide a discount on retail cost so if you're on a budget.. And every army doesn't have one yet.

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cubicle7 has the license for the rpg now, heres hoping its set in end times..

Wow such a small time RPG company, I really wonder why the juggernaut Fantasy Flight lost it. The only thing I think is that they did not think they needed it anymore with all of their Star Wars stuff. I am sure the Star Wars license is not cheap and then they had to pay for the GW license as well.


As far as the timeline it is set in, I have a hard time believing that GW would let them set it before AoS, but who knows.

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There was a press release about them leaving, i find it curious the license transferred before the expiration date they said.





This guy might be why they choose them..


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