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  1. Scotty paints Primaris Marines

    Your stuff is always zany and original and I'd just want to see an army consistent with that. Hopefully a successor chapter that isn't already well represented in the community. Variant color scheme. I like the ones with half or quarter livery a lot.
  2. Ebay Seller

    Cool. Thanks bros.
  3. Ebay Seller

    I spoke with a couple members about this earlier this year. I have minis and gaming items that I'm interested in selling but I have found that I simply don't have the time to coordinate local pickups. My preference would be to find someone interested in selling them on my behalf for some agreed upon fee or percentage. This could be an ongoing thing with the right person as my current occupation tends to accumulate gaming supplies regularly.
  4. Random Song Thread

  5. Random Song Thread

  6. Random Song Thread

  7. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    That does sound fun but I blundrd. Hopefully soon!
  8. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    I'd be interested in board games if that's a thing. I can bring some new ones if need be.
  9. What's the problem with painting skin tones?

    I'm pretty good with fleshtones but I still struggle to get pupils straight and even. Takes me three or four tries on average.
  10. Muh' Zug

    Looks great. I'm really happy to see some truly dynamic poses. The one-fist-up-one-fist-down look is so 1997
  11. SW Terrain project

    looks terrific
  12. Rest In Peace: Roger Moore

    I read a brief memoir a while back. He seemed like a thoughtful and gentle person. Condolences to the family. We are lucky to have his works to enjoy.
  13. Looking to build a 40k community

    I have never been there and didn't know where it was. Just in case anyone else hasn't either: http://www.theportlandgamestore.com/
  14. Skargob Iron Hornz and his mount Grum Grum