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  1. Looks great. I'm really happy to see some truly dynamic poses. The one-fist-up-one-fist-down look is so 1997
  2. looks terrific
  3. I read a brief memoir a while back. He seemed like a thoughtful and gentle person. Condolences to the family. We are lucky to have his works to enjoy.
  4. I have never been there and didn't know where it was. Just in case anyone else hasn't either:
  5. Beariot!
  6. It's a frikkin country bear jamboree!
  7. If I were doing it: The way the newer plastic kits assemble I would glue the whole thing together according to the diagram and then find a good spot to cut the limb afterward for nice clean break. Trying to magnetize the odd spots where the parts normally join seems very difficult by comparison. I like the break to be about halfway between the joints on a given limb. Either midpoint between shoulder and elbow or between elbow and wrist. Its best if there some kind of sleeve or bracelet or other element that collars one section onto the next and hides the seam. For the bloodthirster I like the gauntlet strap nearest the elbow. If you cut that and then around the gauntlet edge I think the seem would be well hidden. The wings feel a bit tricker. They probably need some kind of cavity/post arrangement to look nice. I have attached a set yet.
  8. Looking sharp so far!
  9. Also very cool when shopping for bitz.
  10. Sure. The main difficulty for many of us is scheduling. I would specify potential times and locations and try to coordinate with existing game nights where possible. (game night forum)
  11. Sweet!
  12. I'm jealous of Scarydog's station. I think I have a functional solution but it's far from aesthetically pleasing right now. I probably need to downsize.
  13. This is the situation now. I'm looking into a combination of wall mount and rotating makeup racks to get this organized.
  14. / I'm curious how gamers organize and store paints these days. I have too many pots for those plywood paint stations (and I just don't like them) Any other bright ideas?
  15. No orks or eldar! Make the underhive great again!