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  1. Yeah, no way I'll play an event with those jerkwads!
  2. Wait we have to pay?
  3. The Hilton Brehk's house has room. And is the exact right price.
  4. Go Yarb! Go Yarb! Go Go GO Yarb!!! I should read the rules and get those 5 models finished....
  5. I am not sure when I'll be there Friday, and I had hoped to do a game before then.,. but likely I'll be in the same boat.
  6. Lion of Flanders is on Team "We haven't played this before" with me. 23 other newbies and we'll be good to attend!
  7. Thanks for the reminder, totally forgot to check this out earlier.
  8. After some consideration and the feedback above I have come up with a new list. Still very based on what I already have painted (with a few new models I am working on). This is models and basic equipment only I have not kitted out characters and such yet. Currently clocking in at 4291, it leaves me with a sad little 209 to spend on upgrades so I'll probably need to trim some fat to squeeze a few more points in. Dwarven Holds (BS2.0 Dwarven Holds) [4291pts] DH Characters [915pts] Anvil of Power [200pts] Lords of Stone [370pts] King [250pts] Army General, Great Weapon [20pts], Shield Bearers [120pts] Lords of Stone [170pts] Thane [50pts] Battle Standard Bearer [50pts] Runic Smith [175pts] DH Core [526pts] Greybeards [526pts] Champion [20pts], 23x Greybeard [506pts], Musician [20pts], Standard Bearer [20pts] DH Special [1130pts] King's Guard [630pts] Champion [20pts], 22x King's Guard [660pts], Musician [20pts], Standard Bearer [20pts] Seekers [500pts] Champion [20pts], Musician [20pts], 20x Seeker [440pts], Standard Bearer [20pts] DH Engines of War [550pts] Field Artillery [270pts] Cannon [270pts] Field Artillery [280pts] Organ Gun [280pts] DH Core + Clans' Thunder [724pts] Clan Marksmen [334pts] Champion [20pts], 14x Clan Marksman [294pts], Crossbows, Musician [20pts] Clan Marksmen [390pts] Champion [20pts], 14x Clan Marksman [294pts], Guild-Crafted Handguns [56pts], Musician [20pts] DH Special + Clans' Thunder [446pts] Miners with shooting weapons [446pts] Champion [20pts], Great Weapon [56pts], 14x Miner [280pts], Musician [20pts], Pistol [70pts], Standard Bearer [20pts]
  9. Two turns does not a campaign make....
  10. Are you guys still doing this?
  11. I am going to try to get it on the table in a few weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to keep my group engaged with it through the campaign.
  12. I am in the same boat... maybe we should follow each other so we can all seem interesting?
  13. Seems no one has an opinion on anvils and rune smiths... How much dispel power tends to be needed in games? Back in 8th I know a lot of people just liked one low level Mage for dispels, does the same trend carry into 9th?
  14. How do people feel about runesmiths vs anvils? I am not sure how much magic to expect so it is hard to know if the higher level dispel is cooler than the other spells on the anvil. Also, can the anvil move? I did not notice a restriction but figure I might be missing it.