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  1. Don't forget, Mercs are welcome this year. Being a part of a team does not make or break one's ability to attend. :)
  2. Are you taping off basecoat for the white stripes, or adding them after you get the two tone on?
  3. Check Tourney section. LH posted it a few days ago.
  4. Dude, did you not get that I said I'm hopeful for the release of multipart kits at the END OF JULY, you know, 6 weeks out.
  5. Daemonhunters were my first army. So I grew up on metal, too. But you know what? Technology has advanced beyond that, especially for a company like Citadel. Tldr: your excuse, it's lazy and boring, just like these poses
  6. No less than 15 points of articulation.
  7. You know, in addition to proper kits instead of all this quick snap single pose crap.
  8. I hope late July brings us the tank and dread.
  9. You saw me at the river today?
  10. I miss 5th ed Templar.
  11. Reserving 500+ points vs building with daemons included? Thoughts?
  12. Dude, I'm so hard right now, maybe its the 12 beers on this 106 degree day, maybe it's that god damn beautiful librarian (and I know a thing or two about sexy librarians buying two from FW direct), but it has me questioning what to do with my Primaris.
  13. Trying to figure out how to run my Stormtroopers in a chaos list. Cultists don't accurately represent the models in the least. It's alright of I can't use them. I can't use my Primaris Marines either. The fact that I can run my Lord of Skulls with my Crusader, Acheron, and Castigator excites me greatly. I should be happy about that. I also realized that I can fold my Night Lords into the mix. I'm considering stripping them and reassembling them, and painting them up as Pinkertons. This would give me something to the effect of: 100 Marines 10 Characters 30 Termies 2 Helbrutes 1 Helforged Contemptor 3 rhinos 3 Knights + Lord of Skulls Bloodthirster 20 bloodletters 3-6 Bloodcrushers Skullcannon 2 or 3 heralds Hmmm, thats a pretty sizable "warband" I think tonight when I get home from the river, I need to take a look at my Lords, and gather inventory, on and off sprue.
  14. Crystal plays, doesn't she? Oh yeah, there's that guy that is always completely disinterested and a pretty sheit customer service representative for Aaron. I love Aaron, Megan, and Crystal. The rest of the crew can stand to use some training in people skills and handling customers. "That's not my hobby" is a bull[big bad swear word] excuse for not being able to look an item up in the computer.
  15. Way to beat a dead hanaur with a stick.