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  1. Thanks Raindog! Good Game Jay! Rookie mistake on my part, but it's the sting that teaches the lesson. See you next week! This mission had some complexity, but turned out to be simple enough. :) Also, it helps if I think about what turn it is... when it's turn 3! I appreciate the mission being posted, somehow I missed it before game night.
  2. Real AI would have rendered them in hex... That being said, the first time I come across a .turdly class I am going to spit coffee on my screen. Then make it so.
  3. The folks up at Grove Field in Camas are incredibly friendly. I know multiple people who fly out of there or learned from the main instructor. My son(14) went to their aviation camp last summer. I got to spend a good amount of time interacting with the people who run the day to day up there. If I got the motivation, I would strongly consider that place.
  4. "When I count my blessings, I count you twice!"
  5. You asked for it... Happy Friday! https://tubedubber.com/?q=1D4jr-0_COg:djV11Xbc914:0:100:0:0:1 (Safe and related to the previous post! :) )
  6. Welcome! There is a really friendly and helpful group of people to play Infinity with here in the Portland area. Watch for frequent posts about game nights, especially Sundays, down at W.O.W. - Justin
  7. I really enjoyed that one and was talking about it after game night on Sunday. Different conversation, obviously, but yes! I think you'll dig Ghost Brigades too.
  8. Thank you Jay! It's been fun and educational! I'll be there!
  9. mmmm.... hero phase...
  10. Sorry I couldn't make it. See you guys next week.
  11. Like Like Like Like.... I couldn't click it enough times.
  12. Got my Muyib and Muttawi'ah boxes today. I still don't know what my OFCC list will be but I know that it will involve Ghulams, Muyibs, and/or Govads. So I'm painting up all I have. More pics inbound.
  13. I will not be able to make it on Sunday. Sorry!