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  1. Gotta love crouched but High and Ready(#3)
  2. This guy has the right idea... he wore the BROWN shoes.
  3. Hope you have a great one!
  4. It's worth the trip...
  5. You could paint your thumbs! :)
  6. Buy the cool ones first! :) Even games you play without a 'perfect' list will teach you so much about the game, can still be fun, and can even still win! Engage with the community! Are you in the Portland/Vancouver area?
  7. Someday, someone will make a DropStormFleetBattleZoneFireGothicArmada ruleset where we get to use all of our pretty models in fantastic space fleet combat!
  8. Man, Eric, I'm so sorry to hear this. When you were talking about it after game night, I did not realize that it was still 'going on'. I had hoped there was a happy ending that I just hadn't heard yet. My condolences on your family's loss.
  9. Ok, so does each player submit their own battle report? I did not find any guidance on this, so if there is a page of answers that anyone knows about, please share. I'm sure I'm missing other details about the campaign system.
  10. Man, I sound like a freaking commercial! There are other brands of similar products. Those are the ones that I've had the most experience with. Those do happen to be the products in the line that have the shortest curing times.
  11. Also, 3d printing is great for your prototypes and originals, but depending you your print time, you may consider other duplication processes. Like using Oomoo 25 and Smothcast 300 to make rubber molds and plastic casts of your 3d printed items.. I am happy to share all I know about that! Example: Use Oomoo 25 to create a silicone rubber mold of your d20 holder. 3 hours total to make the mold. Use that mold to make 6 copies of your d20 holder out of smoothcast 300 (about 15 minutes each). (Or print 6 of them, however long that takes.) Make a silicone mold of those 6 copies. (2.5-3 hours, because you're experienced now at making Oomoo molds) Using Smoothcast 300, you could then turn out 6 d20 holders every 15 minutes or so, while you were in production. I'm good at this kind of low level fabrication. There are others around who know more about larger scale production.
  12. Thanks for doing this and spreading inspiration!!! What kind of 3d printer, if you don't mind sharing? I'm just about to take the plunge. (no intention towards your great ideas here though!)
  13. THIS!!!!
  14. Jay, here are the pics from our match tonight. You are welcome to use them as you like. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMFuEaX0SLP7hVsfz0jCkj6F1zL99U-PZxi1TiE0wHWaWLZqBMqPTFG7vhmlRRkGg?key=TkpVekF4NjlmT0g2NC0xdGZXV1E2NTFoMFNxaEh3 Great Game! I had fun. Thanks for posting up the Turn Counter!