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  1. Thx 4 the correction. Sometimes a generalize too much...
  2. I agree with LH. Mostly the same mechanics as v3, but with some of the gimmicks stripped away. There will be bumps and questions, but the richness that some grognards were concerned was being lost, is still there, just handled differently. The unit cards make it easy to try out a new platoon you have not used before. If you have the handbook for your force, you can use your old army, without the cards. All the information that is on the cards is also in the handbook. Instead of chattering about it a lot, just dive in, try it out, form your own opinion.
  3. Bro G., Thx 4 putting this on. I will be there with 50 pt 8th Army Armor force.
  4. If someone is waiting for Italians or Americans before jumping onto the v4 bandwagon, the RCDD (Rose City Dukes and Duchesses) plan on running a virtual Tunisia campaign after the American and Italian handbooks and kits come out. Don't know if we will do "Torch". You panzer guys who want your Tigers in a historic scenario can legitimately field them in this campaign. Representing a few of the many "underdog forces" (mostly British equipment and organization, but each has their own unique character): - I will feature in my Leclerc Column of Free French "L" Force - also the Greek Sacred Band - 2nd NZ div
  5. thx 4 this. Very kewl.
  6. Thursday, APR 20: I am bringing 83 pts of Team Yankee, Soviet Tank list. Can trim it if needed. Still assembling Motorized Rifle and airplanes to bring it up to 100pts Also bringing 61-69 pts of US Armored Combat Team
  7. I will make it, so long as start time is not too late. My departure time will be 4:30 PM. I can bring 50 pts DAK or Desert Rats or both. Start time of noon means we get setup and started before peak time in the store (between 1 and 3 PM on Sundays)
  8. The starter box - Rommel's Afrika Korps (GEAB14) - provides a 4-platoon force between 55 and 109 points, depending on upgrades. At $80.00 for 10 models plus the mini rule book, it is a GREAT deal
  9. THURSDAY, APR 13, @ GG, 6:30-10:00 PM For v4 MW, I can bring a 49-point German DAK list, both v4 handbooks and the v4 rule books (Hardcover and PB). I have a desert battle mat, and GG has some desert terrain. If someone wants a LW battle, I can bring Germans or Brits, but speak up, plz.
  10. Excellent idea! Read this and have a desire to participate, but I need to coordinate my schedule on some other events before I can commit to a date and place on this suggestion.
  11. I THINK we -ZEKE, lazarus and myself - are wrapping up the Ardennes campaign on the map board, ... ...and then discussing the upcoming Team Yankee escalation league and campaign. I wanted to respond to Brother Glacius' suggestion on v4 battles, but I have not had time to assembled my recent purchases of El Alamein box set models. Perhaps this is something you could help with. I can loan a rulebook. I bring and loan what I have assembled, but not painted: 2 Crusaders, 1 Grant, 6 Pz IV (short and long) 1x Pz III (long), 7 Honey Stuarts
  12. thx 4 this. I am catching the enthusiasm. Cracking open my photo books to
  13. Planning on being @ GG tonight, APR 6. Expect to wrap up turn 4 of Battle of the Bulge campaign Discuss schedule for Team Yankee
  14. Planning on being @ GG tonight, APR 6. Expect to wrap up turn 4 of Battle of the Bulge campaign Discuss schedule for Team Yankee
  15. Thx 4 a fair perspective... ...that is also encouraging to new players. I am half in the same camp and yet also different. Never owned a N Africa force until now. But played v3 for last 3 years. Did some simple demos in v4. I'm jazzed about the price point and starter box approaches in the early v4 releases.