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  1. You are a REMF slacker in the Panzer Training school
  2. Any FoW tournament gamers interested in a Team Yankee event at ENFILADE? In the ENFILADE PEL: EH-178 Team Yankee Team Battles: The Battle of Alfeld by James Billingham, Team Yankee, 4 hrs, State Room, 12 players, Some Rules Experience Preferred Team Yankee Battle of Alfeld, Red Storm Rising. Warsaw Pact forces must cross the Weser River. NATO must stop them and counterattack. Players supply their own armies, 100 pts. Two rounds, 90 min. ea. Each member of the winning Team will get a prize! More info and signup at Team Yankee at Enfilade 2017:
  3. Forces of War version of list sent via email
  4. OK. I will ALSO bring TY armies - Yanks and Reds
  5. For THUR, 5/18: Bringing ENFILADE list: 1650 LW Germans, Tank Company, Panzer Ausbildungs Verband: "Panthers and StuGs and Luchs, OH MY!"
  6. If it has been a while since you read the novel, here is part one of some background (para-phrased from the RSR novel) to the Team Yankee mini-campaign we will fight at ENFILADE: Timeline of strategic events in Central Europe: 5/31/88: • The KGB stages a terrorist bombing attack against the Kremlin, so that it appears a West German terror cell carried out the attack. This sets up a situation whereby Soviet diplomats and press can use the incident as a trigger to call for the actions that would discredit the West German authorities and create a pretext for war. This indirectly is meant to split West Germany from its NATO allies. Between 6/4/88 and 6/13/88: • The Soviet Foreign Minister delivers an ultimatum to the West German government demanding a complete stand-down of the Bundeswehr, full reparations to the victims of the Kremlin "attack", and the immediate dissolution of the government and parliament, with a new general election soon afterward. • The US armed forces are placed at DEFCON 2 in preparation for a likely Soviet attack. • Exercise Reforger begins Night 6/14-6/15/88, hostilities commence: • Spetsnaz units attack NATO installations in Germany: Hamburg and Bremen harbors are put out of action, but all the other Spetsnaz attacks are successfully repelled by NATO forces; 1 Spetsnaz survives, 1 unit is captured without fighting, all the others are eliminated. • The US Air Force launches Operation Dreamland, a preemptive airstrike against the Warsaw Pact invasion force in Germany. Top-secret F-19 stealth fighters eliminate Soviet radar aircraft. This allows the other non-stealth NATO fighter aircraft to sweep many of the Soviet fighters from the skies, while NATO strike aircraft blast bridges across the Elbe River to slow down and disrupt the Red Army's westward attack. 6/15/88: • Soviet tank forces cross the Inner-German-Border into West Germany. Summary of Ground battle events in Central Europe, to date: After a long and extensive massive training Exercise in the GDR (a.k.a. “East Germany”), Soviet and other Warsaw Pact forces invade the FRG (Federal Republic of Germany, a.k.a. “West Germany”). After the initial wave of communist troops clashes with NATO forces, the battle becomes a war of attrition. The Soviet commander expects to win through dogged and determined advances. Although hit hard by NATO air superiority, the Red Army refuses to slow down or seek cover. Instead, they pulverize the NATO defenders in West German towns such that those areas are completely destroyed by artillery fire during the advance. A NATO air attack on the Soviet command and control kills CINC-West (a Moscow favorite); Alekseyev's superior is assigned to replace him. Colonel General Pavel Leonidovich Alekseyev becomes second-in-command of the attacking Soviet army group based in Stendal. Alekseyev is frustrated by the Soviet Army's failure to achieve a rapid victory. This becomes painfully obvious during a failed advance towards the village of Bieben. NOTE: Bieben (in Hesse) is 195 km South of Alfeld (in Lower Saxony) (not to be confused with Alsfeld, which is in Hesse) The town of Alfeld (in Lower Saxony) is the focus of our ENFILADE TY battles. Source: Clancy, Tom (1986) “Red Storm Rising”
  7. List submitted: German Panzer Ausbildungs Verband (Veteran Division Support) Tank Company, from Desperate Measures, page 76
  8. we have 2 table, room for four... or more than 4 gamers, if people have small forces and want to do a double to get more stuff on table.
  9. Bringing ENFILADE list with proxies. German Panzer Ausbildungs Verband Also Team Yankee. I prob won't do any v4 stuff until after ENFILADE.
  10. Useful Team Yankee downloads: Team Yankee FAQ Update Last updated 9 February 2017 Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet More Missions for Team Yankee Iron-Maiden-Scenarios
  11. Thx for the info and the tease. Here is a tease for ENFILADE: SAT, MAY 27, 9 AM to 6:30 PM - FoW v3, LW 1650 pts, 3 rounds also... SAT, MAY 27, 7-11 PM: Team Yankee team event after the FoW tourny: Battle of Alfeld, 100 points, 12 gamers, 6 per team, two rounds, lightning play (90 min per round)
  12. 80-100+ points Reservation date: 05/13/2017 Start time: 1 PM End time: 5 PM room in store: General Area Battlefront Team Yankee 15mm minis, 2 tables practice and warm-up for the ENFILADE! Team Yankee event - Battle of Alfeld (from Red Storm Rising) practice and warm-up for the upcoming campaign "Fulda Gap '86: Iron Beasts at the gates" Even if you don't have an army ready, stop by and watch or borrow my US or Soviet forces, push models, throw some dice.
  13. I will be supplying the 100 pts Soviet reinforcements: T-72 tanks, hind helos, frogfoot jets, shilka AAA guns, sa-13 gophers, and 2s1 carnation artillery. Also NATO reinforcements, 100 pts: m-1 abrams, ah-1 cobras, itv's, VADS, and artillery.