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  1. Hi zcaust83, when ever your ready let's schedual some time to play some Battletech. Please let me know the when and where and I will try to make that happen. Thanks, Dave
  2. Andozane, your in luck ... kind of. I have six of the Term's including the psyker, the missile launching one and three others. Send me a PM with an email and I can send you a picture of the lot to see if your interested.
  3. Zcaust83, still interested in getting together. Just have been very busy. Due to the local (Mult. Co) shut down (and the State) I think were looking at December or January? Keep me posted ...
  4. Zcaust83 I used to play back in the day (80's & 90's). Just picked up the new boxed set a few days ago. Once Covid stuff calms down ... let's get together and you can teach me the ropes.
  5. Just an update ... these stealers are older ... pre - 2007 I think. Blue plastic if that helps.
  6. Looking to jump back into 40K after 10 year break. My Imperial Guard are all RT (1st edition ... yes, I played all the way back in the 80's) plastic and metal. I want to keep the theme but add some squads. Particulary need same RT plastic arms and las guns if you have them. Local in Portland, willing to meet up. Hope some of you have some of these buried somewhere in a bits box and would be willing to see them go to a good home. PM me. Thanks, Dave
  7. I visited last week and they still have the game TANKS but all the blisters and boxed sets have been sold off and they are not restocking. Still lots of terrain and such though. Just an FYI incase you did not know.
  8. Talapas, I have some of those Star Wars CCG (Decipher) and also a lot of Star Trek CCG (Decipher) I will dig these out and go through them. These are both on the "collections" scale.
  9. will try to make it tonight ... so I can get schooled.
  10. Bolo is in Portland ... too much rust ... but getting back in ... next year looks like.
  11. Interested in going to the tourney ... but to much rust on my tracks and bogged down in 3rd edition. Still might try. We will see.
  12. In PDX, have Rebel and Imperial fleets. Have played several games of Armada but need to get with some experienced players to go to next level. Where is Armada being played and when? Thanks!
  13. W: Churchill crocodile H:$ Thanks!
  14. Looking to flesh out Canadian Late War D-day force ... and get back into FOW. Need one more Churchill crocodile ... can work it with just the trailer if you have that. PM me please. Thanks!
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