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  1. All the old cards are still playable, that didn't change. But with the rebalancing the newer cards will be more competitive.
  2. You probably have not heard - because no one is covering it - but Attack Wing has been relaunched. Due to balance issues and IMO gross mis-management by WizKids the game was hurting, but it's worth checking out now. New starter set just launched with 4 ships, representing the Klingon Civil War. There are also faction packs for Romulan and Dominion with 4 ships each playable out of the box. Much more is coming in the next few months, including an Abramsverse release! New rule set, new paint jobs and complete rebalancing of points on new releases. We play competitive events on the 3rd Sunday and casual the last Thursday of each month at Guardian. Come on by!
  3. Well it looks like my plans for a table are failing hard core this year, so no 3-peat as Fabricator General. I can bring back the HeliCarrier if people want.
  4. New 40k edition

    Bandai has been mixing colors on one sprue for a very long time.