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  1. sorienor

    OFCC Missions

    my gosh all those missions sound amazing. Can't wait for this weekend!!!
  2. sorienor

    40K OFCC Team/Player Finder Thread

    I'm in, sending pm.
  3. sorienor

    In seattle

    Currently hanging at bellvue mox boarding house and will probably be back tomorrow for 40k open play.
  4. sorienor

    In seattle

    Any 40k game night in the seattle area today and/or tomorrow? 6/5 and 6/6 im in town for work with my dark angels.
  5. sorienor

    40K OFCC Team/Player Finder Thread

    Looking for a team, can play Orks, Tau or Dark Angels.
  6. I'm running out and it's the main color I use on my Tau.
  7. All the old cards are still playable, that didn't change. But with the rebalancing the newer cards will be more competitive.
  8. You probably have not heard - because no one is covering it - but Attack Wing has been relaunched. Due to balance issues and IMO gross mis-management by WizKids the game was hurting, but it's worth checking out now. New starter set just launched with 4 ships, representing the Klingon Civil War. There are also faction packs for Romulan and Dominion with 4 ships each playable out of the box. Much more is coming in the next few months, including an Abramsverse release! New rule set, new paint jobs and complete rebalancing of points on new releases. We play competitive events on the 3rd Sunday and casual the last Thursday of each month at Guardian. Come on by!
  9. Well it looks like my plans for a table are failing hard core this year, so no 3-peat as Fabricator General. I can bring back the HeliCarrier if people want.
  10. sorienor

    New 40k edition

    Bandai has been mixing colors on one sprue for a very long time.
  11. Wouldn't the third book be "Gathering Storm: Cadia Drift"?
  12. sorienor

    2017 Favorite Army Votes

    I agree with this entirely. I also really missed the favorite army voting.
  13. sorienor

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Rogue One 9/10. Almost perfect IMO. I thought the CGI Tarken wasn't anywhere near as bad as other did. LOVED how it ended. Batman v Superman: 7/10 Finally watched it. Don't understand the hate. Other then the "why did you say that name" part it was really good. Well paced, decent acting and just overall very entertaining. Captain America: Civil War: WOW 9/10 as well. Just fantastic from start to finish.