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  1. Warporch date?

    More time to convert Rhinos into Repressors for my Sisters, then Maybe even get 'em painted...
  2. Question for Seattle Denizens...

    I went to this one, with my 8 year old daughter in tow. They had a paint-&-take for reaper miniatures, so she was occupied as I sorted through bags of bitz and two large rubbermaid totes of spues for the ones I deemed necessary of the $1/sprue cost to finish off my Sisters of Battle Repressor conversions. PFC Games and Mugu Games had some large set-ups,the multiple storage boxes of Rogue Trader miniatures from Mugu (Squats $10 each, most else 3 models for $5 or $2 each) I picked up some 25 or so Rogue Trader plastic Imperial Guard and a few matching lead models to add to my trade bait for $15 Then picked up an old copy of Outburst for kids and a magnet chess set for $5 I was tempted to get ten Plastic Goliath gangers from the original Necromunda set for $15, but decided not to. It was held at a nice community center, pretty easy to find but I had to park two blocks away. The next one is January 27th, I believe. There should be more info on their facebook page.
  3. Warporch date?

    My vote is to bring the leftovers to share and game after Thanksgiving.
  4. Eldar info

    I'd be up for one at long last. Plus it would give me a goal to finish up some conversions.
  5. Speculating Ork Klan stuff

    I recall Skaven had a rule like that with Skavenslaves,which I used to good effect around the time everyone else was Great Horned Rat and Plague Monk obsessed. I also miss the Looted Vehicle rules, but keep the theme going with a Looted Wagon made from a Rhino (and wooden planks nailed over the holes by the Snakebites using the thing.
  6. Question for Seattle Denizens...

    The last one overlapped with OFCC and I missed it, and I remembered one day too late about the one previous to that in the spring. Third times the charm, I hope. At least I can drag in my tote of trade-bait for just $3.
  7. Speculating Ork Klan stuff

    I haven't even got the Index: Xenos in order to do 'Roight Proppa Orkzesez' once the Codex comes out. However, given the lack of "Marine HQ on Bike' and other conversion-centric entries missing from the actual released Codexes so far, I might have to rethink that particular strateegery... On the other hand, I've still got that tote with three and a half (only partially built the one whose arms ended in a Mega Deathrolla) kitbashed Stompas from before the official kit came out, and am looking forward to spreading spores wherever i Waaagh soon. But given the decade between the 3rd Ed Ork Codex and their next official release, I'm not exactly holding my breath for when it'll come out. I'll keep building Rogue Trader Rhinos into Repressors for my Sisters and kitbashing Age of Sigmar Stormfallen into Grey Knights/Thunder Warriors (hey, the iconography works, alright....) until then.
  8. H: Blood Angels W: Tyranids, Eldar, $$$

    PM sent
  9. Scotty paints Primaris Marines

    Are you going to do the ol' cut-down-Shoulderpad-as-Psychic-Hood trick?
  10. W: Eldar H: AD Mech and about everything else

    PM inbound, old lead for bitz.
  11. New Guard Codex

    Guys... re-read the last sentence of the Mount Up! rule. It specifically prohibits using it on a unit which disembarked in the preceding movement phase. No disembark, double move, double shoot and re-embark for you...
  12. New Guard Codex

    Back to the Good Ol' GW not understanding their own rules: "You can use rule A and B together!" When Rule B specifically says it can't be used with Rule A.
  13. New Guard Codex

    I forsee someone misreading the Grim Demeanor rule to claim their Valhallan vehicles have 2x the wounds of non-Valhallan vehicles, rather than if a vehicle has 3 wounds remaining it counts as if it had six wounds left ONLY for determining how far it can move/how well it can shoot, etc.
  14. New Guard Codex

    As long as a vehicle has a Rapid Fire or Heavy weapon, it'll get the extra 6" range (per the Scout Sentinel example.) Ordnance, you're out of luck.
  15. New Guard Codex

    Am I reading this right that with Mordian's Parade Drill & Defensive Gunners they'll be able to Overwatch on a 4+?