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  1. Return of Necromunda?

    Plastic Escher with conversion kits... Lessee... get an extra $20 a week in cash when buying groceries and stash it away, give or take ten weeks until the release. Hmm. Yep, I'm STILL gonna be broke.
  2. Return of Necromunda?

    Time to start saving in order to get two sets on release and trade away the Goliaths.
  3. What about some ObSec 5 BSS with 2 Flamers & (optional) Superior w/CombiFlamer to ride along with the Dominions in their Repressors? Dominions crack open the shell, BSS flambe' the meat formerly inside the transports, and/or provide a charge-discouraging Wall of Flamey Goodness from inside the Repressors in the charge phase while the Dominions melta out during the shooting phase. Still getting used to Sisters vehicles with sufficient fire points. I got in the habit of making wedges from Rhinos/Immolators, deploying shooty Sisters inbetween the tanks and shooting through the 1.99999" gap between to receive no charges in return. Previous edition hangovers are a bitch.
  4. Chaos and GK Codexes Coming

    Now I can convert even MORE Dreadknights out of Aegis Defense Lines and bitz. Good thing I made some bitz trades at OFCC which will help in that direction.
  5. What has been your go-to unit in 8th Edition?

    Yep, I just with they could still do a Celestian and Command Squad all with jump packs. In 8th Edition terms (wishlisting::ON) it would be like having a jump pack on an Imagifer able to quickly move around and dole out the Faith points when and where needed. (wishlisting::OFF) I am thinking of taking a "Death Blossom" Rhino with five units of two Death Cult Assassins to scoot up the board and MIRV the opposition while their (empty) Immolator dedicated transports also light up enemy units lives.
  6. What has been your go-to unit in 8th Edition?

    I have to say having five Immolators advance and flame everything was quite fun. Even the two Knights I played each were burn victims.
  7. I will have my tote of trade bait (hey, who put all these Sisters of Battle in here? Lead is heavy) with me. Look for the guy in the "I (Godzilla) Tokyo" t-shirt
  8. Re-bagged it all and got it down to one tote. But first, the 8th Edition tournament, driving and coffee. Not necessarily in that order.
  9. Anyone crazy enough to keep track of all the Friday events? I know the 8th Ed 1500 3-round thing starts at Noon. And the Bitz Swap is sometime Friday evening.
  10. Friday - OFCC - 3 round 8th edition

    Good thing I have all the Heavy Flamer bits to stick back on instead of MultiMeltas. I just can't bring myself to spring for the Forgeworld book for just one page about the Repressor. (despite the fact I'm trying to figure out how to convert three of the things from an upcoming trade)
  11. Friday - OFCC - 3 round 8th edition

    I have 5 of those, 5 Multi Melta, and 5 Exorcists to pare down from. As I recall my 7th Ed 2K list ended up being 2600+ points, so I may have to go Halfsies with everything.
  12. Friday - OFCC - 3 round 8th edition

    Actually, we played Round 3 of the Friday ITC tourney. You plugged your phone into the wall behind you. You politely offered me vodka. I accepted. You suddenly panicked about where your phone was, I politely reminded you. (REPEAT THIS SEQUENCE THREE TIMES IN FIVE MINUTES) Edit: didn't mean to use bold text there, but it fits, so, eh... I offered you a packet of trail mix so the protein could help you level out. You accepted politely. We started our game. About halfway through you muttered words to the effect of "I'm hungry" and I tossed you another packet of trail mix. Our game ended and you called me a Farging Barstedd (Johnny Dangerously reference) for spoiling your all-losses record. I rightfully claimed the title of Cellar Dweller in the standings (but I had a land Raider filled with Arcoflagellants, so I earned it honestly). Then you temporarily panicked (again) about where your phone was (again) and I politely reminded you (again). And it was a good time all around. This time I'll be bringing my 7th Ed Sisters list cut down to 1500 with the Canonessezes I have to have for 8th added in. Let's see how well Immolator Spam works in 8th (I'm guessing: NOT VERY).
  13. Friday - OFCC - 3 round 8th edition

    Noon start? Then I don't have to get up crazy early to miss Seattle AND Portland commute traffic? Kewl. Now to consolidate all of my Bitz into as few totes as possible so I can load in easier. Anyone mind if my objective markers also hold Dixie cups of Apple, Raspberry or Huckleberry Mead? It will be after noon, after all...
  14. The Poxing Dead is Hilariously sad

    Perfect time to mention the Bitz Swap on Friday night, to customize your new recruits to Papa Nurgle. Fun!
  15. The Poxing Dead is Hilariously sad

    Finally got my 8th starter box and am looking to trade Nurgle for Primaris. I already posted in the trade section, but figured there might be some interest here as well.