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  1. Downside of being online as you posted that... the link said 'Sorry, we could not find that!' Error code: 2F176/1 You're making me use my PATIENCE too?!? Argh...
  2. Frowbakk

    40K OFCC Team/Player Finder Thread

    I'll send a proper PM when I'm not on my phone, but Team Ad-Hoc is now like @VonRuger @sorienor and @Nathanvoodoo
  3. Team Ad-Hoc! We'll, uh... ...gimme a second to slap something together.
  4. Frowbakk

    40K OFCC Team/Player Finder Thread

    Oh crap, gotta get in my payment and get some team members! Anybody want to lion up in this Voltron? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? 3 spaces, no waiting.
  5. Frowbakk

    40K OFCC Team/Player Finder Thread

    I can be Captain and we can form Team Ad-Hoc. What do you say?
  6. Well, I still have three Represors that you'll want to get paint on before OFCC. Post Office is less than a mile away, if you don't mind bundling shipping into 'store credit ' for 'em.
  7. Still meeting at AFK in Everett? What time?
  8. Frowbakk

    40K OFCC Team Event - Conversation starts here!

    You wouldn't be the first person to be painting models on a Friday night at OFCC. I've done it myself.
  9. Frowbakk

    40K OFCC Team Event - Conversation starts here!

    I've captained at OFCC before, so we can pull together and form a team.
  10. Frowbakk

    Repressor Trio

    Scratch build. Made from Evergreen Rod/Sheet/Etc. plastic from the RC/Model Train hobby store. The real Repressor Dozer Ram has seven triangular sections, but my versions have nine because I want the Dozer Ram to be just a tiny bit wider than the front of the tank. Magnetized, of course. Just like the Turret and Heavy Flamer and additional Storm Bolter. Had my water heater decide all my wife's boxes of books she moved out of her classroom needed some irrigation, so I've been dealing with that for most of this week. Was going to cast up hatches for the firing points, but now I'm leaning towards Plastic Card hatches and get some semi-circular rod for the hinges. Plus half of the stuff I thought I'd trade pretre for when he drives north this weekend already got snagged by someone else while I was mopping out my garage. Them's the breaks. At least this project has raised my confidence with scratch building so I'll get to converting the new Knights and Armigers to look like their old Lucius pattern boxy epic counterparts.
  11. Frowbakk

    When there's trouble, you call DW

    I have two starter set Primaris and also want to see how your Deathwatch experience goes. Plus with the new fantasy water elves you could add the Liquidator!
  12. Frowbakk

    Repressor Trio

  13. Frowbakk

    Repressor Trio

    Just have side hatches left to go on three Repressors. Can't build any more because I'm all out of Storm Bolters and Heavy Flamers from the Baal Predator kit. Trade bait for petre when the Mindtaker Mobile zooms past my house.
  14. Frowbakk

    Imperial Knights reproduced, Big Bertha cometh

    Looks like the get a character buff only if the detachment is filled up is a good balance for wargear & relics. Wonder if there are Armiger specific relics....