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  1. Frowbakk

    OFCC 2018 Scores for 40K Team Event

    Wait... we were only 5 Achievements away from snagging the top Spirit spot? And only 3 away from Sportsmanship? OK, next year every team has to have psykers to perils themselves to death, I'll provide the weighted dice that only roll snake-eyes.... No, wait... that darn Sportsmanship thing... dammit!
  2. Frowbakk

    OFCC Missions

    And thus, the mission loopholes shrank to the size to only allow a Baneblade to pass through. As they should be.
  3. Frowbakk

    2018 OFCC Friday 2v2 teammate finder

    Sooooo..... Guess who needs a team mate? Forgot I signed up for this. And Paid already... Whoops...
  4. Frowbakk

    2018 OFCC Friday 40K 2v2 Event - K.A.O.

    Whoops... forgot I signed up for this. And Paid already... Time to post in the 'looking for partners' thread.
  5. Frowbakk

    OFCC Team Ad-Hoc List thread

    Or use a salad shooter. Makes deployment easier too.
  6. Frowbakk

    OFCC Missions

    Sneaky Git Mission specific questions of sneaky-gitted-sneaky-ness of git-dom: Can an Objective (a Grot, Control Unit, or Energy Nexus in Missions 1, 3, and 5, respectively) be claimed PRIOR to turn 1 by way of before-the-first-turn Vanguard moves, Scout moves, Infiltrator deployment, redeployment via special ability, Genestealer Cult ability, or other shenanigans? (Shenanigans like Act-of-Faith moves, etc, which happen at the START of turn are allowed, I assume?) In Mission 1: Grot Hunt, can you choose to abandon a Captured Grot (thereby making it a Free Grot) by moving the unit with control over the Captured Grot more than 3" away from the spot where the Grot was captured? Can the capturing unit turn over control of the Captured Grot to another unit? If a unit cannot voluntarily move away from the Captured Grot, what happens if the controlling unit is moved away from the Captured Grot involuntarily, such as by having to Fall Back or Retreat more than 3" away, an opponents psychic puppet ability, etc? In Mission 2: Land Claim, the correct reading of the Bonus Scoring section is the most of YOUR OWN tokens YOU placed (and if removed, placed once again) when compared to the number of your OPPONENTs tokens placed (and placed again) during the game, correct? Also, the correct reading is the most of your OPPONENTS tokens YOU destroyed during the game vs. the number of YOUR OWN tokens THEY destroyed, right? In Mission 3: Control Unit, IF (and only if) the Control Unit is able to be claimed PRIOR to turn 1 (if 1st question was answered 'no', then ignore this question. Otherwise...), could a unit with the ability to move before the game begins (such as vehicle with Vanguard which allows unit to move as-if it were the Movement Phase) move into contact with the Control Unit, move the Control Unit from the front of its model/base to the end closest to its' deployment zone and use any further move allowance/Advancing as-if it were the Movement Phase to move it up to the 9" allowed, and the drop it prior to the 1st turn movement phase? Could that unit, or another unit then move the Control unit up to the 9" allowed in the 1st turn Movement Phase in order to have effectively moved the Control Unit up to 18" away from the center of the board by the end of the 1st Turn Movement Phase? In Mission 4: Quest for Glory, If you have tabled your opponent do you get the 'Gave up no Glory in back to back turns' Bonus point, or do you need to keep one of your opponents models or units alive for however many turns it takes until the conditions are specifically met? In Mission 5: Energy Siphon, How does a unit/model take control of an Energy Nexus, (since the Mission does not specify) by coming into contact, by being within 3", or by some other method? Can you please verify that once an Energy Nexus is Increased, it STAYS Increased for the rest of the game (scoring 2 points if Siphoned at the end of a player turn thereafter, unless it is Destroyed), and doesn't become un-Increased when points are scored from it?
  7. Frowbakk

    OFCC Missions

    ...which is then secured to bedrock with explosive bolts, meaning the unit can't move more than 3" away from the captured Grot unless/until it escapes. Last bullet point: • Unless Sneaking or Fleeing, Grots do not move and cannot be moved by the capturing player (emphasis mine)
  8. Frowbakk

    Kill Team pick up games at OFCC

    I don't have the rules and have never played, but can a team be made of 12 Tau Firewarriors? Finally get a chance to show off the 'Alien Legion' conversions inspired by the comic book.
  9. Team Ad-Hoc (our lists are in this thread) challenges Team Fanger Zone. (insert Kenny Loggins joke: HERE ) @Nathanvoodoo wants to have his all-Custodes force in a Grudge-match against you specifically, @Chappy.
  10. Frowbakk

    OFCC Team Ad-Hoc List thread

    I'll be there early on Friday, let me know if you need another two hands for painitng the last details.
  11. Frowbakk

    Sister of Battle Weapon Previews

    A sad lack of Combi-weapons (aside from the Anti-Psyker crossbow) in evidence.
  12. I'm the guy who has brought brownies and used different types of mead for objective markers the past couple of years, and now I've got Team Ad-Hoc. Come challenge me, bro...
  13. Put me down for the Grail Banner to pick up at OFCC.
  14. Frowbakk

    OFCC Team Ad-Hoc List thread

    Dark angels are sorienor's force to bring to the party: Battalion Detachment| HQ: Azrael (180) HQ: Primaris Lt (78) HQ: Sammael on Sableclaw (216) Troops: 5 Intercessors (90) Troops: 5 Tactical, Missile Launcher (90) Troops: 5 Tactical, plasmagun, combi-plasma (93) Elite: 5 Deathwing Terminators, Assault cannon (212) Heavy: 5 Devastators, 3x Lascannon (140) Outrider Detachment HQ: Talonmaster, Havenfall Blade (188) Fast: 5 Assault Marines, 2x flamer (98) Fast: 5 Black Knights (230) Fast: 5 Ravenwing Bikes, 2x plasmagun, chainswords (151) Fast: Ravenwing Darkshroud (138) Elite: Ravenwing Apothecary (92) 1996 pts, 10 command points, 109PL
  15. Frowbakk

    OFCC Team Ad-Hoc List thread

    VonRuger decided to build and paint a new army for OFCC: Tyranids Kronos Hive Fleet HQ Hive Tyrant 187pts w/heavy venom cannon, lashwhip, boneswords, toxin sacs, warlord ability soul hunger Neurothrope 70pts Tyranid Prime 106pts w/flesh hooks, lashwhip bonesword, rending claws TROOPS Hormagaunts x 30 150pts Termagaunts x 20 160pts w/devourers Termagaunts x 20 160pts w/devourers Tyranid warriors x 5 125pts w/deathspitters, scything talons ELITE Deathleaper 90pts Tyrant Guard x 3 117pts w/lashwhip boneswords, rending claws Zoanthropes x 5 200pts HEAVY SUPPORT Trygon Prime 198pts w/biostatic rattle Trygon Prime 199pts w/toxinspike Tyrannofex 238pts w/rupture cannon 2000 pts