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  1. The Infinity Run

    Fantastic stuff!
  2. The Infinity Run

    Is that seriously a mini pocket-door?
  3. [Bland Title] Infinity Blog

    Wanted to throw out a non-blog update on the table. I finished this one last week.
  4. The Infinity Run

    Terrain, my vote is always for terrain!
  5. [Bland Title] Infinity Blog

    New post up http://www.simpleknight.com/test-building-apha/
  6. Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    I'm glad I'm not the only one starting to plan lists.
  7. [Bland Title] Infinity Blog

    Last weekend I played at the ITS at Glimpses. It was my first time taking Morats to an event, and my expectations were not high. I wanted to try out a couple of things to see how they did in real world application. List one had a 5 man rodok link, a haris with Kornak, Suryat HMG, and Raktorak, a Zerat FO, Bit and Kiss, and two daturazi. My thoughts were to have some linked specialists, lots of high burst, and some smoke to move up the board. Game one Comm Center against Nate's Vanilla Nomads. Nate is a VERY good player, and we had a good close game. He was really able to leverage his Kriza Boracs and took out the suryat and kornak, my designated target, and placed him in the center in cover in suppression. I had to spend orders to dislodge him, losing a couple of rodoks to pistol shots from morlocks in the process. Nate was able to move up in the last to turns and press a lot of buttons, and killed more specialists, giving him a solid victory. Game two Hunting party against Erik's Acontecimento, I took a haris of Yaogats, a rasyat, bit and kiss, an E-drone, a vanguard FO, a Kurgat with Autocannon, Dr. worm, a Q-Drone with HMG, and two daturazi. First turn I lobbed some pitcher and used exile to isolate his Bag Mari HMG LT. That put me up on points, but It was all down hill after that. He moved up his Knight of montessa and took out bit, two of the three yaogats with grenades. brought on an akali hacker to data scan my hvt, pushed a button with a paramedic. My turn I failed to drop on my rasyat needing a 16, and had to place him back in my DZ. I used dr. worm to heal up my yaogats, and moved the lt into a building. I also glued that paramedic. Going into what would be the final turn, I had 6 to Erik's 3. He managed to push the other button with a naga, and stun my FO and kurgat for the 6-4 victory. A fun and insightful game. Game 3 Frontline against Aaron's Vanilla Pano. I took my first list, got the first turn and then went to murder city. He revealed his cutter to take a pot shot against an impetuous daturazi. Aaron had deployed him to cover a lot of the board, but was out of cover. This table was pretty open, and had a lot of awkwardly curved terrain pieces. All I had to do was peak out slightly with a rodok missile launcher, and got lucky, killing him with 1 order. After that I moved my links up and killed a bunch of stuff. Now lacking orders and his big heavy, Aaron scrambled with his orc to kill the suryat and some rodoks. my second turn I used my last daturazi to go on a rampage in his back line, killing stuff with grenades, and ending in b2b with his orc. If I kill the orc, he goes into retreat, so I use stealth and just idle in b2b. After the orc dies in his turn, we call the game, giving me a 9-0 victory, and third place overall. Takeaways Rodoks are good. We knew this, but didn't have too much real world testing. Need to learn how to really leverage superjump. Suryats aren't as good as you think. That haris is a lot of points, and isn't as resilient as one would hope. Kornak's additional order is nice, but also is 41 points, and is vulnerable to shock. Probably won't take this again. 12 orders was super awkward. I either want more or less. Probably more. Daturazi continue to be my favorite part of this army. I'm taking a 5 man link next time. Yaogats seem like they would be good, but I never really used them effectively. 4-2 move hurts when trying to move up the board, BS 12 isn't all that great unless shooting through smoke/ Bit and Kiss + E-drone is very effective. Expect to see this a lot moving forward. I would have liked an assault hacker to target HI and remotes, will include one next time. So in my learning of Morats, I've tried some different things to get the feel for them, and see what they can and cannot do. Next month I think I'll try out an 18 order list, and play as quickly as I can. It won't have much if any long range pieces, but if I can get first turn, or minimize damage going second, I will have a good shot at forcing my opponent to make bad decisions and trading my own pieces up.
  8. New ITS Mission: Unmasking

    I missed it in my first read through too. By activating a console, you can reveal one HVT as a decoy or Designated target. It's the second bullet point under the Activate console effects.
  9. LVO Goodness

    Having now seen the render, maybe I have the right amount of raktoraks after all...
  10. LVO Goodness

    With the kurgat with boarding shotgun I suddenly have way more raktoraks than I need. Very excited for this release schedule.
  11. [Bland Title] Infinity Blog

    In Hunting Party, how important are the classifieds to determining the outcome of the game? Would I be ok going into the game without say, a Forward Observer?
  12. [Bland Title] Infinity Blog

    Ok ok guys, I'll give it another shot!
  13. [Bland Title] Infinity Blog

    You did it the smart way. I was almost done before I found the bit, realized what it was supposed to be and glued it on painted. I'm too lazy to fix it at this point.
  14. [Bland Title] Infinity Blog

    Got some work done on Kornak and a Zerat FO, and some airbrushing on terrain. Also, [big bad swear word] Kornak's pony tail, that thing falls off every time I pick him up. I think he's going to have to get a haircut.
  15. [Bland Title] Infinity Blog

    I'm not even sure where it's going, but we'll find out when we get there.