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  1. Andrewc

    Questions for You: OFCC and Infinity

    We can connect offline if you want to discuss more. Definitely looking forward to defending my sword at Rampage, so don't stop running events!
  2. Andrewc

    ITS , Glimpses of Wonder, August 4

  3. Andrewc

    ITS , Glimpses of Wonder, August 4

    @PaladinX Joel I’ve never seen worse dice in my life! Thanks for the positive and enjoyable game despite everything going against you!
  4. Andrewc

    The New And Improved Infinity at the OFCC

    I am sad to report that I will not be able to make it this year.
  5. Andrewc

    OFCC 2018 Friday FACE PUNCH ITS

    Agreed, it'd be nice to know so we can make lists and have time to make the painting requirement.
  6. Andrewc

    Room for OFCC

    I'm pretty sure he was at RCR.
  7. Andrewc

    [Bland Title] Infinity Blog

    It's been way too long since I posted. How is everyone doing this fine spring? Had a great time at Cinco de Murder ITS at Glimpses this weekend, and was inspired to write a bit about tables and terrain. http://www.simpleknight.com/common-ground-thoughts-on-terrain/
  8. Wouldn't want to run into that crew in a dark alley.
  9. Oh man, called out. It’s our 10 year anniversary this weekend, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it...
  10. Andrewc

    New CA player, wants help

    Hey walker, ive been playing CA as my only army for a bit over a year. I started with onyx and it’s what I have the most experience with. I’m playing morats for most of 2018 to learn them, then moving on to Vanilla. I find that in onyx, not having smoke isn’t as much of a negative as you might think. It teaches you some things that you might not learn otherwise, such as utilizing cautious move, planning your turn carefully, and not exposing yourself to unfavorable Face to faces. That being said, it’s a fairly straightforward sectorial, apply plasma to the face and then move up with TO specialists as needed, with some nice tricks such as a noctifer missile launcher. As George said there are some fun fire teams as well. In the sectorial vs vanilla debate, I tend toward the school of thought that vanilla can be a bit overwhelming in the unit selection phase because there are so many different options. Sectorials have less options to choose from, and while Fire teams seem complicated, they really aren’t too bad to learn, especially maybe starting with a defensive unidron link. However there are some really great units in vanilla ca.
  11. Andrewc

    [Bland Title] Infinity Blog

    Wanted to do a quick summary of my games from last weeks tournament, and talk about current thoughts with Morats. Game 1 was Annihilation against Pete's Aleph. Pete is such a strong opponent, I predict a struggle and was not disappointed. I take first turn, and overextend with my Raicho. He posses it in his first turn, kills my Rodok missile launchers and then jumps him off a building, King Kong style. Game set and Match, 1-10 victory for Pete. Raindog and I (and everyone else) have had a few beers at lunch, so we were both loose and happy. Loose enough that I dropped my box of models and now have repairs to make. Not one of my better moments. We play the new mission Unmasking. I really do enjoy this one, lots of decision points. I learn from the two times I've played this mission before, choosing to go first, and concentrate on the mission. I take out an ARO piece, push two buttons and kill two decoys my first turn. Raindog hits back, killing some models, but not advancing his board position much. Turn two is much the same. My final turn I push the last button and just manage to kill the actual DT. Win for me 7-0. Final game against Isaac. He manages to keep my daturazi link pinned down for much of the game with a black friar in suppression. I move up a flank with hungries link and manage to be a thorn in his side but not accomplish much. Again I over extend with my Raicho trying to fight the world. He get's crit off the board turn two, and I can't recover having lost heavy hitters. I manage to keep my data tracker alive while killing his, but his Uhlan controls the console and he's killed lots more army points than I, 3-7 loss to Isaac. Still struggling to figure out what I'm comfortable with. I like the daturazi link, but without any ranged weapons, it's sometimes difficult to get anything productive done. The games I'm more comfortable with are when I have 2, one on each flank. I think I'll stick with this configuration for now. Hungries link was good for me, it was easy to spend all of my orders on them, because they were the only models in the second pool. However, they weren't able to accomplish a whole lot. I want to keep playing them due to the cheap orders and intimidation, but again not as comfortable. The haris with kornak, suryat and raktorak is hit or miss. Kornak dies almost every game I take him in, need to figure out how to use him but still keep him safe. Q-drone is money Zerat FO's are money I'm super comfortable with Rodoks. probably because they are super good. I will be concentrating on finishing their paint job, I think I'll be focusing on them for Rose City Raid. Have yet to spend more than 2 orders on Bit and Kiss, but haven't played many hackers, and haven't had an opportunity to use her for button pushing. I know she's good, just need to remember she's there. Rasyat is awesome, but need to remember eclipse smoke on his profile. Played a 200 point game against Jordan's USARF last night at glimpses in preparation for the April escalation tournament. It was a tight game with lots of back and forth. I managed to destroy one more antenna and his DT in the final turn for the 8-0 victory. Last two orders were a Zerat assault hacker attacking an antenna in CC with D-Charges, hitting both times and destroying it. Next week we'll play Rescue. I've not played it before, but I've got Suryats with jungle terrain, and Zerats with multi terrain. We'll see how that plays out.
  12. Andrewc

    March Démarche ITS

    I'll be there
  13. Andrewc

    The Infinity Run

    Fantastic stuff!
  14. Andrewc

    The Infinity Run

    Is that seriously a mini pocket-door?
  15. Andrewc

    [Bland Title] Infinity Blog

    Wanted to throw out a non-blog update on the table. I finished this one last week.