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  1. I plan on being at GG on 2/22 with TY and FoW
  2. Forces listed in the mission briefings are RECOMMENDATIONS, not requirements
  3. Yeah, that really sux. Then there is the dentist (a.k.a Doctor EVIL).
  4. Y. Thx. We remembered. the unit card for crusaders and Honey Stuarts explains the No HE rule. Trouble is rolling 7's to hit. DAK infantry hit on 4+ Concealed +1 = 5 GTG (Gone to Ground) while concealed +1 = 6 No HE +1 (vs Guns & Inf) = 7 Rolling a "7" (a 6 followed by 5+) is 2.8% chance, per die rolled. Without the No HE effect, rolling 6's to hit is 17% probability, per die rolled. So, if you have Main guns with No HE rule, and your target is Guns or Infantry, then use MachineGuns. At least then you only need 6's instead of sevens. Tactics for British Stuarts and Crusader tanks: move tactical and shoot at armor, or dash to get within MG range of infantry or guns. Or dash to get within 16" of the enemy's artillery, since it probably won't be GTG. Arty should be 4+ or 5+ to hit. Go really deep with some of your fast tanks, come in behind the AT guns, while a 2nd tank platoon drives toward the front of the AT guns. Anyone say "Light cav" / "Chasseurs" / "Hussars"? British tanks in North Africa start to feel like Russian BT tanks, or German Panzer I's & II's
  5. I can assist, but it is good to get new ideas and a different approach. Thx.
  6. We had an enjoyable event. We had two squadrons commanders: one Axis and one Allied. The Allied commander had only played WWII WoG once before. We had a new commander of British forces. He quickly learned and applied the basics of the rules, and pressed the British attack. We had a returning commander who quickly converted his v3 FoW rules experience to version 4 rules. He put up a successful German defense. Summary of the Flames of War action: Five stukas made it to the Flames of War table. Three of them made bombing runs on the attacking British armor, which was clustered for an assault on the German defensive line in the southern Tunisian town of Bir Soltane. Great timing for the Germans. The third stuka sortie got to chase down the remnants of the retreating Desert Rats force. The ground battle had been decided between sorties 2 & 3. By then, the Stukas, counterattacking infantry and anti-tank guns had beaten off both British assaults. The bold attempt by the British 8th Armored Brigade to take Bir Soltane in a surprise attack failed, with the loss all the Stuart and Crusader tanks and at least one Grant platoon. The German losses were two squads of infantry. Still awaiting an After Action Report on the Wings of Glory action. Lessons Learned: The two forces were exact opposites, so lessons learned here might not apply to all match-ups. British force was all armor - a mix of Stuarts, Crusaders and Grants. The German force contained artillery, 2 rifle platoons, 2 tank hunter platoons, an armored car platoon (really a section of 2 x sdfkfz 231) and a Marder platoon, and a flight of 2 Stukas. British tanks with the No HE rule are good machine gun platforms, but their main guns will do little against dug in infantry and guns. The British should either bring infantry for their assaults, or concentrate the Grants in one strong assault. With their numbers, a good tactic might be for the light tanks to use their machine guns to pin, the Grants concentrate in two platoons to assault (or one platoon plus a strong Grant HQ). The light tanks follow-up the assault by herding or gunning down the defending infantry after the assault is over. Alternatively, use some of the British light tanks in a deep strike. Pairing a DAK rifle platoon with an antitank gun platoon works well in defense. Paying the points for a DAK command card for panzerknackers would have been helpful at several points in this battle. The Stukas did not accomplish a lot, but the psychological effect of limiting the British maneuvers might have been worth the 7 points that the Stuka flight costs. Marking your foxholes is very helpful and will reduce arguments and uncertainty when infantry re-occupy their foxholes. Intermingling your assaulting platoons makes the assaults very complicated, and the results on one assault might interfere with the next assault. In Flames of War, even when the infantry counterattack is unlikely to kill or bail the assaulting tanks, forcing the assaulting armor to roll for counterattack might still get them to break off the assault.
  7. until
    "Stuka Hunting" - A combined Wings-of-Glory and Flames-of-War Event When Sat, February 17, 11am – 4pm Where: Guardian Games GMs: Jeffrey, barca Reservation date: SAT, 02/17/2018 Start time: 11 AM End time: 4 PM Casual Friendly Game. No Fee. No prizes. The Portland Couch Pilots will try to intercept German Stukas in the skies over Tunisia. see: http://www.ordofanaticus.com/topic/209712-flames-of-war-and-wings-of-glory-combined-event-sat-feb-17/
  8. I will be at GG on THU 15 Feb with Team Yankee, Flames of War and TANKS!
  9. Added details on how the event will be run, and more specific schedule. Portland Couch pilots are sending out an email to their group. We have a meetup notice here: https://www.meetup.com/Rose-City-Dukes-and-Duchesses-Tabletop-Wargaming-Group/events/247779206/
  10. ...but our World War III fiction might be getting better. Cold Fire, Hot Steel ’85 – Events on 8 February around Kirchheim https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com/2018/02/13/cold-fire-hot-steel-85-events-on-8-february-around-kirchheim/ If you liked this battle narrative for Cold Fire, Hot Steel ’85... ...then maybe you will also like the rest of the Campaign Action, at: https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com and http://www.ordofanaticus.com/topic/209739-team-yankee-feb-campaign-pdx/
  11. Rose City Dukes online

    MEETUP: Rose City Dukes and Duchesses Tabletop Wargaming Group https://www.meetup.com/Rose-City-Dukes-and-Duchesses-Tabletop-Wargaming-Group BLOG: Rose City Dukes and Duchesses – tabletop gaming https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com/ Forum: Flames of War - Ordo Fanaticus www.ordofanaticus.com/forum/10-flames-of-war Email: RoseCityDukes@gmx.com
  12. Team Yankee FEB Campaign - PDX

    Updated Rose City Dukes blog for this: BATTLES - AVAILABLE (UNLOCKED) as of FEB 14. Added links for that post plus battles 4 & 5.
  13. Team Yankee FEB Campaign - PDX

    Added a link to the latest Rose City Dukes blog post. Section = " SUMMARIES OF EVENTS" Blog post: Cold Fire Hot Steel 85 - Events of 7 to 12 February