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  1. Yes, "...WILL INCLUDE BOTH DESERT AND EASTERN FRONT " Should be an interesting mix. Hypothetically, my imagination conjures up an Allied (UK & US) landing in the Caucasus that brings together all Mid-war forces on adjacent battlefields. I did not find online references to such plans, but pre-war plans could have been revived and modified to target German Forces instead of Soviet Forces. Operation Pike is one such example.
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    Oil War

    Oil War Pre-orders Now Open https://www.team-yankee.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=6444 Oil War includes information on World War III in the Middle East, covering Israel, Iraq, Syria and Iran in Team Yankee. Oil War: World War III In The Middle East Mid April Releases Product Code Product Name FW917 Oil War: A4, 80 pages, Hardback TISAB01 Kahalani's Warriors (Plastic) TIQAB01 Hussein's Republican Guard (Plastic) TRNAB01 Ayatollah's Revolutionaries (Plastic) TIQ901 Iraqi Unit Cards TIR901 Iranian Unit Cards Late April Releases Product Code Product Name TIS900 Israeli Dice Set TTK11 Israeli Token Set TIQ950 Iraqi Decal Set TIQ900 Iraqi Dice Set TTK12 Iraqi Token Set TIR950 Iranian Decal Set TIR900 Iranian Dice Set TTK13 Iranian Token Set Late April Releases Product Code Product Name TIBX02 Magach 6 Tank Platoon TIBX05 Pereh Anti-tank Platoon TIBX06 ZSU-23-Shilka AA Platoon TIBX07 M48 Chaparral SAM Platoon TIBX08 Skyhawk Fighter Flight Early May Releases Product Code Product Name TRBX01 M113 Platoon TIR120 Anti-tank Jeep Group TIR702 Mechanised Infantry Platoon TIR703 Basij Infantry Company Mid May Releases Product Code Product Name TSBX19 T-62 Tank Company (Plastic) TQBX01 Mech Company TIQ702 Mech Platoon TIQ703 Mech Weapons Company Mid May Releases Product Code Product Name TIBX01 Merkava Tank Platoon (Plastic) TIBX09 AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopter Platoon (Plastic) TQBX02 VCR/TH HOT Anti-tank Platoon TQBX03 ZSU-57-2 AA Company TIS702 Mech Infantry Platoon Late May Releases Product Code Product Name TIBX03 M113 Platoon (Plastic) TIBX04 M109 SP Artillery Battery) TIS120 Jeep (TOW) Platoon TIS121 Recce Jeep Platoon TIS704 Redeye SAM Platoon
  3. Laid out some practice information here: On the Road to ENFILADE Flames of War Tournament Our first practice mission: Breakthrough: THUR, MAR 21
  4. I posted a thread for our Thursday practice sessions in PDX at GG (Guardian Games): On the Road to ENFILADE Flames of War Tournament
  5. In preparation for the Flames of War Mid-War tournaments at ENFILADE! 2019, RCDD(1) will be focusing our Thursday Sessions at Guardian Games to be Forces in Mid-War Eastern Front and Mid-War North Africa Force lists are 109 pts. We will rotate missions to challenge your lists and tactics. Sources of mission parameters: More Missions for Flames Of War Mission Cards (FW007-M) Schedule: Annihilation -skipping this mission Breakthrough: THUR, MAR 21 Bridgehead: THUR, MAR 28 Contact: THUR, APR 4 Counterattack: THUR, APR 11 Dust Up: THUR, APR 18 Encounter: THUR, APR 25 Free-for-All: THUR, APR Hasty Attack: THUR, MAY 2 No Retreat: THUR, MAY 9 Rearguard: THUR, MAY 16 NOTE: If someone wants a game with Team Yankee (or "Oil War") forces and rules, please arrange on our thread "Flames of War Minis League at GG Thursdays 2019" (1) RCDD - Rose City Dukes and Duchesses (Flames of War Ranger Group)
  6. I will be at GG on Thursday, MAR 21. This will be Beer & Pizza Night at GG Planning on bringing and setting up Eastern Front. If someone wants something else, post here. I am flexible. phyfor88 will not be showing up on 21 MAR
  7. Have fun. Thx 4 the tips on Czechs.
  8. The third annual AMBUSCADE! will be held on Saturday, April 6, 2019 see more info and sign up - click "SIGN ME UP!" here https://ambuscadeportland.blogspot.com/p/ambuscade.html
  9. First the GOOD NEWS: I will be running a FoW game at the rescheduled AMBUSCADE! AMBUSCADE! has been reschduled. The original session - FEB 9 - was snowed out. The third annual AMBUSCADE! will be held on Saturday, April 6, 2019 at Guardian Games, located at 345 SE Taylor, Portland Oregon, in the Level Up room (sorry, 21+ only). This event is FREE (but donations are welcome). More info at https://ambuscadeportland.blogspot.com/ SESSION 1 (11:00 a.m. ), TABLE C Tank Collision at Prokhorovka. In this one day battle during the Kursk campaign, on the eastern front of WWII, nearly 1,000 German and Soviet tanks smashed into each other in a massive armored battle. Will the Germans punch through to their objective towards Kursk? Can the Soviets stop them? 15mm figures. Flames of War 4th edition rules. Up to 6 players. Preferred player skill level: Beginner/some experience. (James B.) - a.k.a. barca previous ORDO post: http://www.ordofanaticus.com/topic/211419-flames-of-war-mega-battle-at-ambuscade-3-sat-feb-9/ Second, the BAD NEWS 😞 I will NOT be hosting any minis games at Gamestorm, this year. My plans to participate there ran afoul of "A series of unfortunate events..." Perhaps next year I will roll sixes for the 2020 Gamestorm. Additonal games of interest at AMBUSCADE! SESSION 1 (11:00 a.m. ) TABLE 😧 Napoleonic Battle 1809. A small engagement between isolated corps in 1809. Each player will command a division. French their allies vs. Austrians and their allies. 15mm figures. Napoleon's Battles rules. 6-8 players. Preferred player skill level: Beginner/some experience. (Dave S.) SESSION 2 (3:00 p.m.) TABLE F: Russian Civil War. Russian Civil War game. Up to 6 players. Preferred player skill level: Any. (Henry T.) SESSION 3 (7:00 p.m.) TABLE B Battle of Kalish (Kalisz) 1813. Napoleonic, French vs. Russians. Shako II rules. 6 players. Preferred player skill level: Any. (Dave B.) More details in the Ambuscade blog.
  10. Bits u might find of interest, but not intended to be a recap of everything new. Great War supposed to be in stores on MAR 16th https://greatwar.flamesofwar.com/ Team Yankee April Releases: Oil War (FW917) (no specific date, yet) Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition, Last Updated 20 December 2018 https://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=5560 Mid-War Force Diagrams https://flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=6402 Community Unit Cards https://flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=6088 More Unit cards for Iron Cross History Of The 38(t), with Ryan Jeffares https://flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=6442 Panzer 38(t) Tank Company (PDF)... https://flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/all_images/Frontpage/Community/Web-Panzer-38(t)-Tank-Company.pdf Panzer 38(t) Tank Platoon (PDF)... https://flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/all_images/Frontpage/Community/Web-Panzer-38(t)-Tank-Platoon.pdf Fielding the StuIG33B: The Bummbär’s Mother, with Mark Nisbet https://flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=6441 Download the pdf file for the cards here: StuIG33B (PDF)... https://flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/all_images/Frontpage/Community/Web-StuIG-Assault-Tank-Platoon-cards.pdf
  11. Hokay, I will bring Team Yankee Soviets representing Second Guards 'Red Banner' Tank Army
  12. maybe try out one of your ideas for the TANKS-giving event, or try out new missions Mid-war eastern front: "Experimental Missions for Flames Of War" https://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=6416 pdf file at https://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Documents/Missions/Experimental-Missions-31-01-2019.pdf Choose either Bypassed or Killing Ground. Not the Dogfight Mission since it looks very similar to the standard "No Retreat" mission Yeam Yankee: "Quick Missions for Team Yankee" - smaller armies - https://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=5827 PDF at https://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Documents/TeamYankee/QuickMissions.pdf Choose one of: Bypass Recon in Force Sieze the Bridge
  13. Reminder, happening this Saturday: Learn-to-Play Team-Yankee Team-Yankee Battles
  14. Please add links to relevant articles. Polish People's Army: Bringing the Poles to Team Yankee https://www.team-yankee.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=6250 Czechoslovakian and Polish Pre-orders https://www.team-yankee.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=6229 TY504 Polish People's Army TWP951 Polish Decals Warsaw Pact Decals https://www.team-yankee.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=6265 POLE POSITION – A REVIEW OF THE “POLISH PEOPLE’S ARMY” LISTS http://www.breakthroughassault.co.uk/pole-position-a-review-of-the-polish-peoples-army-lists/ PLASTIC SOLDIER COMPANY 15MM T-55 REVIEW http://www.breakthroughassault.co.uk/plastic-soldier-company-15mm-t-55-review/ It is worth mentioning that though we recommend using the Soviet infantry range to represent your Polish infantry, you could also us the Syrian and Egyptian infantry from the Fate Of A Nation miniatures range, which is something I plan to do to represent the Poles in lighter summer kit. The FOAN range is on sale at the moment and you can find them in the link below on the Fate Of Nation Store. Egyptian and Syrian range in Fate Of A Nation... https://aiw.team-yankee.com/product-category/egypt-and-syria/ TWP951 Polish Decals https://www.amazon.com/Team-Yankee-Warsaw-Polish-Decals/dp/B07K2DSJM7 "Team Yankee: Polish or Soviets?" Topic - The Miniatures Page theminiaturespage.com/boards/msg.mv?id=493281 POLISH PEOPLE'S ARMY IN TEAM YEAKEE http://palladian-guard.blogspot.com/2017/05/polish-peoples-army-in-team-yeakee.html Team Yankee: The Czechs and Poles Join the Attack http://nodicenoglory.com/2018/09/30/team-yankee-the-czechs-and-poles-join-the-attack/ THE CZECH & POLISH FORCES AMASS FOR BATTLEFRONT’S TEAM YANKEE https://www.beastsofwar.com/modern-warfare/czech-polish-forces-battlefronts-team-yankee/ Team Yankee: Reinforce your Czech & Polish Forces with These New Minis Mars Garrett https://www.belloflostsouls.net/2018/10/team-yankee-reinforce-your-czech-polish-forces-with-these-new-minis.html
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