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New Years Blitz! - A Blitz Bowl tournament

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It's a new year, and a great time to Blitz! New Year's Blitz is a three-round, Blitz Bowl tournament held at the Ordo Fanaticus clubhouse in SE Portland, Oregon. New Year's Blitz will feature a different format than our prior events, as each round will feature multiple games! Once paired with an opponent, three matches are played, with the winner being the Coach with the most tournament points after all three games are complete. In addition, coaches will play with a different team in each round. All official Games Workshop released teams are available for play, including the Dark Elves from White Dwarf, and the newly released Halfling and Undead teams. If you use Dark Elves, Halflings or Undead, you must provide your own cards. 

Rounds begin at 10am. Each round will last 2.5 hours, and games will last as long as needed to end the game. Bonus tournament points will be awarded for completing all three games in each round. The scheduled is posted below. At the end of the event, we will acknowledge the Overall Champion, and Most Points Scored. Tournament scoring mechanism is shown below. All Challenge decks will include two new cards, one standard and one Endgame, both custom made by SpecialPlayCards.com. Want to learn more about Blitz Bowl? Watch this video.

House rules:

  • Touchdowns are worth four points
  • Challenge card - Show Us A Completion worth two points 
  • Endgame Challenge card - Make A Risky Throw worth three points
  • The player that lost the prior game in the round is automatically first player
  • *Chaos Chosen Blocker* special rule change:
    • Indomitable: The player cannot be Knocked Down. If they would be, make an Armour check for them - if it is passed, they remain standing. If they had possession of the ball, it will scatter from their square as if they had been Knocked Down. If the Armour check is failed, they are injured.
  • Halfling special rule changes:
    • Slippery Little Runt: When this player is the target of a block action, and the result of that block is a Miss, Shove or Tackle, their coach can choose to ignore the result and this player makes an immediate free Sidestep action; if they are unable to make the free Sidestep action, the result of the Block stands.
    • Very Well Fed: Once per this player's turn, while this player is on the pitch, they can make a free Block or Mark action.


  • 9:30a Registration
  • 10:00a Blitz Bowl round one
  • 12:30p Break
  • 1:00p Blitz Bowl round two
  • 3:30p Break
  • 4:00p Blitz Bowl round three
  • 6:30p Calculations and Awards

Blitz Bowl tournament scoring:

  • Round Win: 10 points
  • Round Draw: 5 points
  • Round Loss: 0 points
  • Game Win: 3 points
  • Game Draw: 1 point
  • Game Loss: 0 points
  • Finished all three games each round: 1 point
  • Sudden Death victory: 1 additional point per round


  1. Teams will receive one bonus tournament point for each ten points scored each game, rounding down; example: 17 points scored in the game would add one point, regardless of W/L/D
  2. Tie-breaker: total points scored across all games

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