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  1. Iraf

    The Infinity Run

    Our gaming group has a few that are thinking about Infinity also. I haven't decided on a faction just yet.
  2. They bog down a lot of devices, so I think it's more of a courtesy than anything else. Sorry, no pic from me.
  3. I feel that this should of been made long ago.
  4. Well, it is a hoverboard. So Back to the Future 2 is historically correct.
  5. Ya. Jeez. At least Hollywood has 4 or 5. BBC losers...
  6. Reminds me of the 4th edition fantasy cutouts.
  7. I'm backing your All-In. You are making some nice stuff James.
  8. I'm surprised by this. I like it, but I'm surprised that you guys are allowing more than 12 dice during the magic phase. It seems like a big deviation from previous years.
  9. The https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jeremyglen/creature-caster-first-wave/posts Creature Caster Kickstarter is starting to add different models. They've added a Treeman (Woman) and a Zombie Dragon. Supposedly a new Demon is on it's way. Hope to see a Plague Demon of some sort.
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