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  1. Hi all :) I need some help from all of you to make a fun tyranid based army for the Rampage tournament on Dec 1. Ideally I am looking for 40ish small tyranid models such as Hormagaunts, genestealers or Termagaunts from someone in the Portland-ish area so I can put this list together and get a practice game in. Now it could be a loan of some models, or I could purchase them, your choice? If no one local has some models that they could part with, then does anyone have a good idea for a similar solution at a lower cost. 4 boxes of Hormagaunts is about $100, so it would have to be less than that. Thanks, SEth
  2. Oh man! I have a great alternate mission for this :) (as you know I love silly rules, and this might be fun if you find that the first player gets an unfair advantage in the original rule set.) Mission: Barrels of Boom. (Seth's version) Each player has five barrels. These will be represented as poker chips (or appropriate terrain pieces. 1 point if a player provides their own size and theme appropriate barrels), but for game play will be Silhouette 2 in height. After Initiative, but before deployment each player will place three barrels in the opposing deployment zone and the remaining on the opposing half of the table, outside the other deployment zone. The goal is to kill as many opposing models by detonating a barrel by the end of the game. Points: The player who kills the most opposing troop models from barrels' blasts receives 3 points or 1 point for each player if its a draw. 1 point (only awarded once) if a player kills the opposing lieutenant at least once. 1 points for bringing at least five S2 size barrels that your opponent agrees are size and thematically enjoyable. -1 points cumulative for each barrel you detonate (without the template over an enemy) in your own half of the table. Rule 1: (Hot Potato) -Barrel is not is the right spot? No problem. Simply drag it along with you at your own risk and then detonate it in their face :) - Any S2 or larger model performing a movement skill (including jump, climb and/or short or long) during the players active turn may move one barrel with them. This requires that the model came in base to base with the barrel at some point during the move action and then moves (pushing, pulling, rolling or other cinematic move) the barrel along with the model until the end of the movement skill, placing the barrel so that it is in base contact with the model at the end of his movement. Opposing models may react to the active model, or may react to the barrel as though it is an opposing model performing the same skill. Note: A model may claim cover from a barrel (even one they are pushing) but may never claim full cover or to be fully hidden from line of sight due to the barrel alone. Hot potato causes camo, halo v2 and similar models to leave this state as though they had performed an action requiring a roll. Rule 2: (Kaboooom!) -Yeah... these barrels exploded :) and that's kinda the point :). The contents of these barrels are highly explosive. Barrels that would have to make an ARM or BTS roll, for any reason, will explode using the circular template. Any model hit by the template will suffer a Strength 14 hit using the explosive rule. Rule 3 (Bad PR) The barrels contain radioactive and other nasty material, so it is understandable that your sectorial and/or corporation does not want you releasing that waste in your own backyard (so to speak) if it can be avoided. The local populace does not appreciate growing a 3rd arm or having a leg fall off. :) -An active player who causes a barrel to explode (attacks or otherwise uses an order to this intent) on their half of the board while no enemy model is withing the barrels explosion template loses 1 point cumulatively (-1 for first barrel, -2 for second, ect). So it is possible that a player could end the game with negative points if they choose to explode the barrels on their own half of the board. Have fun, Seth
  3. Yes! I'm in last place... lets keep it that way people! I'm gunna need everyones help in this. I need you all to get new models, paint them and blog post about them. That way all your scores will skyrocket and I can concentrate on finding a way to get negative points.... I wouldn't want to ruin my standing record from last escalation league. Thanks for the help everyone, Seth
  4. But especially thank you to Seth... I mean Eric, for putting on a such a great party :)
  5. I will try to make it in. Wish me luck :)
  6. Been a few weeks and I think that I have recovered from OFCC>..... had to spend half a week at the beach and another at sun river..... but I got there :) I'm good now, and Infinity can resume :) Some of you may recall that my other army (on the shelf for the last year) is Tohaa... some of you may think I only played Yu Jing after playing it almost exclusively last OFCC cycle :) But yes, I have a Tohaa army and I will be playing it (mostly) until next OFCC. This is that same army that I assembled and painted in 2 weeks time for a Rampage (say winter 2016ish?) They will make their great comeback this Sunday and I'm looking forward to adding to their ranks and re-basing throughout the fall league. Seth -So looking forward to playing them again with the trixy Tohaa shinanigans.
  7. Where was this before my OFCC list :)
  8. next week. Ive got it on the calendar.
  9. Funny... I seem to know exactly what you mean. (Sunday). -lol- back to painting. :)
  10. Ogre Seth


    Ok, just looked at the previous picture... Yeah, you really can't see it in the photo. But on game night vs Eric I felt they were so icky green looking
  11. Ogre Seth


    The previous wash left them a little to Olive colored for my taste. So I added a green wash and I think I prefer that more vibrant green.
  12. Ogre Seth


    Concept base.... I like it. Unless anyone has a crazy good idea for a quick improvement to this base I think I will go with this for the whole army
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