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  1. I I remember that. I brought my Tallarns to that GT, it was something like 2003 or 2004. And when one of the Last Chancers (Fingers or Monkeywrench) stole an enemy vehicle the TO's announced it over the intercom. Everyone in the hall started cheering. Good times!
  2. Hello all, As always, there are some nice models here! I recently managed to finish 3 terrain pieces: A Pegasus Techbridge An old Necromunda tower And an out of production Forgeworld emplacement I used salt and hairspray chipping on them. I've never used that technique before. I think the results are decent.
  3. Hello all, Now that the Covid quarantine restrictions are mellowing and most folks I know have their vaccine shots, the 40k community is returning to the King County area in Washington. I recently got my 2 first games of 9th edition. I really enjoyed both games. I really like this edition, the mechanics seem quite smooth. I managed to win both games. Which is odd because I only won 6 games last edition and I lost 28 games last edition. I suspect that my melee-heavy and troops-heavy Chaos armies might do better this edition, what with the smaller board sizes and the fact that opponents cannot camp at the back with gunlines as effectively. Here are a half dozen photos from the 2 games. In one game it was my Night Lords against Necrons and in the other game it was my World Eaters against Death Guard. A smaller pic of a really nasty Necron unit bashing in my Night Lords Chaos Lord, Duvalier Nightfall Luckily the Raptors would get away. And thanks to the Night Lords "Hit and Run" stratagem they were able to charge the warriors again after leaping out of combat. Night Lords First Claw Chaos Marine Squad dukes it out with Scarabs on an objective I've always liked taking troops-heavy lists, not that CSM do much, and this edition seems to really reward this approach. World Eaters Bezerker Bear Claw says hi to a Flail of Corruption Dave the Dreadnought, er World Eaters Chaos Helbrute, manages to take out a Lord of Contagion (I was lucky) World Eaters Chaos Marine Ghoulghast gets crumped by a Plague Marine Fun fact kids, don't charge Plague Marines with Chaos Marines. What was I thinking? World Eaters Chaos Lord Constantine is tarpitted by Pox Walkers He was equipped with Angron's old relic the Gorefather. Suffice it to say this was not the most glorious use of Gorefather. Enjoy the pics!
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