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Just saw the first episode. Quite a mind screw.


Villains are rebels intent on saving American citizens from the corporations' enslavement. On the other hand, they don't mind killing everyone to accomplish this.


Protagonist is an enforcer of corporate enslavement, uses questionable methods, isn't above killing to accomplish goals, and seems to report to no one. On the other hand, protagonist....


Reminds me of Judge Dredd (new one).


It's just very hard to wrap my mind on who I'm supposed to root for. As far as I can tell, we have the antagonists which are the short term villains to humanity, and the protagonist which represents the long term villain to humanity. No heroes at all, just villains fighting villains.


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I really enjoyed the first season of this show.  Then somewhere during the middle of second season it just started losing me...though I do want to return to it as I understand it is having a 3rd season.


It is a good premise, as the "terrorists" are really fighting for things that we all want, and the "hero" is against the terrorists and fighting for corporate control of our lives (well, at first at least).

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