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H: Dark Eldar Army, W: IG


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I have this DE army up for trade. Looking for an IG army, prefer plastic Cadians and tanks. Not too concerned about painted or not, as long as the paint jobs are not disasters. 


IMPORTANT: check the photos to see the conditions. There are many bitz and figures still on sprues. The only thing not shown are flying bases for the vehicles, which are included.


Archon (some paint)

5E Archon

Baron on Hoverboard (conversion)

19 Warriors (primered red)

27 Warriors (some paint)

9 Mandrakes

30 Wyches + 1 Succubes (metal)

20+ Wyches on sprue

5 Kymeras (5E) + 1 Razorwing Flock + 3 Beastmasters (converted, in photo with Archons)

10 Incubi (some paint, some bare Finecast)

10 Scourges (partially assembled, lots of bits still on sprues)

1 Venom (partially assembled)

1 Ravager (missing pieces)

5 Raiders

13 Reavers

2 Fighters/Bombers (missing some missiles and 1 windshield)

A huge pile of sprues from all kits: Raiders, Warriors, Wyches, Scourges








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Alright, with my Eldar cleaned out (except for the NIB Wraithknight - still available!), I'm eager to clean out the last of my pointy ears. Somebody make an offer to get these out of my house (and make room for moar orkses!). 


And no, don't post stupid shiz like "Give you some broken Gaunts and the rest of my candy bar for 'em." But any reasonable offer of interesting figs and/or ca$h money will be entertained. 

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I am very tempted on the DE, but I have no idea on how to proceed with a trade of this scale.


Off hand, I've got mech catachans, so not the cadians you are seeking, still:


Banehammer (Plow of Daemons)

2x Leman Russes

2x Vendettas (TL sponson lascannons never finished/started)

~50 Catachans


3x Chimeras

3x Basilisk "tops" (one missing rear deck, only one assembled/painted)

2x Hellhound "tops" (variant undecided)

1x Deathstrike "top"

1x Unfinished Hydra "top"

3x Hellhound/Basilisk/hydra/Deathstrike "bottoms"

~20x Cold ones (new style) set aside for rough riders.

~30-40 metal inquisitorial storm troopers (tip of guns sawed off, look fine, but worthy of note).

Lots and lots of bits related to the above


I'm not looking to trade off all of these IG, nor do I want all of your DE. I'm interested in the 50+ wyches, the raiders, and the scourges. I'd be willing to arrange a trade of some of the above for some of what I'm interested in, my IG forces have become unmanageable (as has the rest of my 40k). I'm not looking to ditch my IG, just cull the herd.

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