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My Beastmen Army Blog.

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I recently acquired a Beastmen army from Scott Shoemaker. It's well into the painted process which I'll build on, love what Scott had done and hope to continue. With the help help of my brother was able to flush out the army to the latest edition of the army book. This is what I have so far...

3x25 Gor units with command, 2 hand weapons.
2x25 Ungors units with command, spears and shields.
2x5 Chaos Hounds old school GW Marauder one very cool.
1x6 Centigors with command.
1x6 Harpies these are the old male/daemon harpies.
2 Chariots one of is SC Gorthor.
3 melee characters
2 shamans characters.



1 Ghorgon- This just arrived from warstore http://www.thewarstore.com/product72887.html to use as my Ghorgon, same price as the GW one but with the detail of a Forgeworld Model.  I am completely impressed.

I am hoping this post will keep me on task. I know Beastmen are not easy to play and my lack of playing will not help me, but I only play to have fun anyways. Hope to get pictures up soon.


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