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Imperial Knights are out today, just glanced @ the codex...thoughts?


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With armor 13 and 6hp I'm actually not to worried. Couple melta guns or other ranged heavy tank killers will work, so it gets to claim a 4+ from one direction each turn that is just like cover and won't be a whole lot. Trying to take it down in combat won't be Smart unless you are willing to sacrifice stuff. Eldar should be running a unit of fire dragons, Dark eldar can use wyches. Nids should be running a tyronofex. Lots of answers really.


Short of seeing the specific scoring rules it will be odd. If they can score, kill down one or two then own the objectives you can hunker down and thumb your nose at them :P

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That is why you need some higher strength shooting to strip a few hull points first. Also the strength d death throw while it is the large template, it scatters, and I believe The new base is bigger than that template so it would have to scatter at any thing that killed it in melee. The knights don't scare me so much but some of the lords of war really do just need to stay in apoc.

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