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Metal Movement Trays for sale


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Hey everyone, I make and sell these movement trays for 9th Age, Kings of War or other games that you could use movement trays for.


I make them out of a thin gage of galvanaized steel with 3 bent sides and 1 open.  I can make them to any size up to 250mm wide and 250mm long.


Feel free to email me at MMTrays@hotmail.com and send me an order!  I'll drop it to 4.50% a try since we would be cutting out eBay if you want to do a direct order.


There is the link to eBay! Check it out!






Updated with the new eBay listing.

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36 minutes ago, Kale said:

Is bumping allowed? 

Not supposed to bump, but you could certainly add posts to "Update" the above. Sophistry, I suppose. For example, by posting the new link to the relisted item, rather than that one which says the sale has ended. 

That aside, I was curious, any sort of discount if we don't buy through Ebay (like buying directly from you)? Not hugely discounted, but the ebay cut is probably reflected in your costs...

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8 hours ago, InfestedKerrigan said:

Do you need Sheet Metal movement trays?  Cuz this post hasn't been used in 2 years, and Kale hasn't been on since July.

Not per say. I can make my own, but was thinking about getting some movement trays and then remembered this post. One of the other 9th age guys was also asking about movement trays (another old post) and it finally occurred to me to link them.

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On 12/12/2019 at 9:20 PM, Ish said:

Haven't had a chance to do a complete inventory of my Samurai/Empire army yet. Not sure if I will need new trays or not.

Been wondering, any chance your Samurai army would be compatible with Vampire rules. I love the idea of a Vampire Samurai.

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2 hours ago, Ish said:

Well, sure... They don’t look especially vampiric, but some head swaps would fix that. 

Well, once you add the Men-Yoroi, doesn't really matter if they look vampiric or not.

Should totally go this route. Could make some really amazing swordsmen, if they just had a bit more time to master the blade....

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They’re on the small side, though. Warlord Games sells them now, but they were originally designed by Wargames Factory. They’re 28 mm scale and they’re properly scaled not the “heroic” scale used by Citadel Miniatures (which are also closer to 32 mm scale too boot.)

For a full army, this isn’t much of a problem, since they mostly all match up. The handful of miniatures I’m using from other companies either match up (my Perry Brothers canon crews) or are close enough that they just look like Really Big Dudes (the HellDorado hero). 

They probably wouldn’t look great mixed in with GW units.

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