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50% off certain infinity bundles for a few days


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For the start of Wotan Corvus Belli is offering deals in their online store from may 29th to June 2nd. The bundles aren't up on the online store yet but they have teased them on BoW. They're really good bundles for those looking to either start the game or if you want to expand your faction.


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But seriously people. This is a really good deal. If you've ever been a little interested in the game now is a great time to jump in.

300pts is the standard game size and all of these bundles add up to 300pt legal forces. The only ones that don't are the Tohaa one which is designed to be a good addition to their current army box deal and maybe the Ariadna bundle which might sit at around 250pts or so. You can get playing right away for somewhere between $45 and $55. If you do end up ordering I would recommend going in on an order with other Warhamsters so as to share the shipping costs which might not be great as the models will be coming from Spain.

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