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FOW tournament on April 12 at MBC Gaming


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I'd like to announce a Late War FOW tournament on April 12 at MBC Gaming in Salem. Starting at 1100 hours
This will be a doubles tournament in the Swiss style

1500 points per player, so 3000 per team, Two army groups with a 100 point swing between team mates. One air power support only. All books and PDF allowed, If using a PDF bring a paper copy with you.


20.00 dollar buy in per player.



Please contact me or MBC if you have any questions.




MBC 503 990 7570


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@ Gunnerson: Ownership has changed so that should be less of an issue. There has been a radical shift to a more friendly environment based around customer service. 

@ ZEKE: Sorry No Axis Axis or Allied Allied. The become overpowered if you mix, this if from prior tournaments and play tests. 


I hope to see people there. 


I wanted to mention prizes, there is a two book set, the new plastic tanks, Blisters, brushes (for best painted), AND DICE for any team that gets skunked. :D

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