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Hey guys, I need help with a tournament build. Im attending Nuffle Mania in Vegas in a few weeks, and I have one million gold pieces to spend on players and skills. Also, no team rerolls can be purchased! I had a build I liked with Mighty Zug, but I thought I could spend 1.1M, but it's only 1M.

Ideas, smart guys? Can you fit Zug in there?

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no rerolls would make me either want to throw very few dice ( elves ) or have all the skills. So...



Runner w/ Block and Leader

6 Blockers w/ 2 Guard

2 Blitzers w/ Tackle

2 Troll Slayers w/ MB

1m is not a lot to work with when buying skills. Zug is like 260? I don't see how you can get 11 normal humans and Zug on a team.

Zug, a thrower, 4 blitzers, 6 linemen is like 990? not even a skill to be had. 

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sorry, looked at NAF and saw this:

Nuffle refused to let any teams practice for this event so there aren't any team rerolls allowed for team build. Only rerolls allowed are those from skills, kick off table, and halfling master chef.

So I thought Leader would count as it is from a skill and not a team reroll.

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