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  1. Yes, I have comics & action figures I was planning to move in the coming months. Anything specific you are looking for?
  2. Yes, but I am only available on Saturday.
  3. Yes, I can. Ill text you to coordinate time.
  4. @dylanator I can play evenings Tuesday thru Saturday this coming week.
  5. Done. Sorry, missed the call to accept ticket.
  6. Sorry, tomorrow's no good for me, but can do evenings Wed-Fri. Does one of those evenings work for you?
  7. @scotthartman were up. Whats a good time for you?
  8. I prefer to be done by 6:30pm. Does 3:30 work?
  9. Hey, no worries, I understand. Yeas, I can do later today, but not free tomorrow.
  10. Saturday works for me. Whats your preferred time for kickoff?
  11. @Bosco What is a good time for you to play our game?
  12. Monday at 10am works for me. I'm not available Wednesday.
  13. OK, no prob. Alas, I can't do Sunday. What does next week look like for you?
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