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  1. Bringing Lost Worlds again to the Club tonight. Any interest?
  2. I was (am) rather obsessed with the game and collected them all! :) Combat Books Reference.pdf
  3. I have a blood bowl game, but I am also bringing one of my favorite classic games... Lost Worlds combat books. Looking for some duels. I have PLENTY of books for many combatants.
  4. I have a friend interested in the Arena set. What is the condition? I am interested in the original starter set terrain and board. Do you have a pic? Is it magnetized?
  5. Playing round 6 vs Ziggens Tuesday 11/12.
  6. Bonus Fan Factor (+2?) to home field Bonus MVP to winner (+2) and 2nd place (+1)
  7. So, turns out I can come up with the money now. Do you PayPal, or need cash?
  8. I am definitely interested, and I understand your situation as I was in the same boat in January. Unfortunately, I don't think I can come up with the cash until the 25th.
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