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  1. im interested in the tau/kroot items
  2. Zorcon

    Blitz Bowl

    I plan to, but haven't been able yet.
  3. The Greenboys for me! Make it the Crusaders please!
  4. Im bringing Gorechosen if anyone is interested in a game around 7.
  5. Zorcon

    Head swaps

    I think I can help. How many are looking to trade. I have a bunch from 3rd edition and some from 5th/6th.
  6. Zharr'Thrak Seahawks 1650 TV
  7. The 2 mags are themed to a specific team (Chaos Chosen and Delves). There are team specific special balls and wizards, inducable generic assistant coach and cheerleaders. and New Star Players for various teams.
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