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Laughing to self about edition change...


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On July 8, 2017 at 7:39 PM, Romans832 said:

Wow, I can get $50 for my underused book? Hot diggity, sign me up!

Not a full $50, but Powell's has proven in every edition, that they have no grasp of 40k edition changes. So you can sell your outdated material and expect to get used book prices for them. I realised, recently, that I had forgotten to sell my copy of the Imperial Knight Codex and the Chaos Daemon Codex. They gave me $17 in used credit (was that, or, I think $10 in cash).

I feel they got suckered, but I've told them in the past, that outdated 40k doesn't sell and they haven't changed anything.... I was mainly happy I didn't have to recycle those books. I got my dad a book with the used credit, making him happy was a nice bonus. 

Hopefully, some gamer with a time machine will enjoy those books...

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