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Infantry, Walkers, and Speeders should be the focus of your army and the following unit are restricted:
Tanks, Fliers, Drop Pods, Superheavies are not allowed.
Bikes, Attack Bikes, Jet Bikes, Artillery, Monstrous Creatures, Leviathan Siege Dreadnoughts are 0-1 choices.

Centurion games are played on a 6x4 with more terrain than usual, using Shadow War missions and a points level of 1500-2000 to represent smaller actions, insurgency, and tactical skirmishes.


Should be a fun precursor to the weekends games and a nice and easy way to get reacquainted with 7th edition if you, like me have been playing a lot of 8th since july 3rd.


^^^the centurians rules v1.1

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VERY MUCH EXCITE!! so I will be showing up around noon to set up, we have 6 tables for our event and not a whole lot of terrain so bring any terrain you would like to use. I am currently calling in favors for some league terrain so we will see how that goes.

Thanks in advance if you plan to bring any terrain!

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its my understanding that friday is open play so if you already have a ticket for the weekend event, you should be good to go.

we have 6 tables with terrain to just play around on all friggin day on friday. you can try a myriad of lists AND/OR play a bunch of 30k skirmish games. I have a couple scenario objectives that will effect the main campaign on sat/sun. they're optional and of small consequence too so you can literally do whatever you want. The floor is open at 8am and I will be there by noon, give or take bridge traffic.

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