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  1. LOL a preview for the BA Lord of Death set to "Deathmetal" music. Love the way GW is hearkening back to its cheesy 80's years. I look forward to Mephiston crossing over the Rubric and becoming Primarus. Heck, he's done it once before, why not again? Think he'll become Super Bad Ass like he was in 5th? I mean, he was an auto take if you played Blood Angels.
  2. The new Sisters Box contents have been revealed! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/11/11/sisters-of-battle-army-set-unboxinggw-homepage-post-1/?m_i=12f19O%2Bq733WoMggT3PAikdD1aP8Z34pgsZXgT%2B6hnsubIuW1H3_SDXzbBXX4jGbPRCZLKknI%2BLH%2BqZdlZ%2Bs%2Bcs%2BjL93UB The only down side? I estimate it's only about 500 points or so. 120 for the Squad, 80 for the Serephim, 75 for the Cannoness, 150 for the Penitent Engine, 75-ish for the rest. GW also promises more Sisters of Battle models... in 2020. I know they have previewed the Exorcist and Immolator. They also previewed the heavy weapons squad, right? That leaves maybe a couple more HQ types, and the elite SoB's. I really hope they don't add the Ecclesiarchy into the SoB they way they did in 5th and 6th! I thought it was absurd that they best HQ was a Priest, and using a horde of basically "cultists" and Death Cult Assassins the way to play SoB's. It would be nice if a full army of Sisters in a Battalion or Brigade detachment would be a viable force on the table, dare it be said a competitive force, without having to bring IG or Imperial Knights, or some other foolishness detachment.
  3. I'm looking for a AoS practice game or two for the Fate and Fury tournament on the 21st. 1,250 points, scenarios from GHB. Haven't played in a while, and want to knock the rust off. Playing Ironjawz.
  4. OFCC was a blast to play in! I gave Pete a bad time about Friday's tournament- sorry about that! I'm not a fan of the ITC (personal thing). Despite my team, Plan B, being a "Ringer Team", I had a blast. The focus on achievements instead of winning was very refreshing and made for awesome army lists. I only faced one min/maxed army list, and still managed to pull out a tie. I don't think I ever saw anything about a gift exchange with my opponents, so felt really, really lame when I was given a lot of great swag and I had nothing to give them. Thanks to Dave (teammate), he at least went out and got some brushes to give to the other players for our team. It was hugely refreshing not to encounter a bunch of meta, hyper competitive army lists. Painting was spot on! I think every army was well painted. I thought I would be one of the few Ultramarines army, and it turns out I was one of five or six playing them! I got a lot of compliments on my painting though, and that made all the work and effort worth it! I had three new units in my Primaris Ultramarines- a Plasma Redemptor, Repulsor Executioner, and Eliminators. The Redemptor wasn't bad, but I wish the Macro Plasma Incinerator did more than 1 or 2 damage. The Eliminators were good, but really had trouble wounding anything with S4. Now that their sniper shots are S5, I expect that to change significantly. The only downside is max unit size of three models and they are a heavy support unit. The Executioner... did well. I parked it a lot with either a Captain or Marneus Calgar and a LT nearby and it was baller. I wish it was about 50-100 points cheaper, but it is what it is. The downside: too many stupid weapon profiles. Eight different weapon profiles. EIGHT! Come on GW! Highlights for me: MVP Marneus Calgar. His reroll hits aura was invaluable. Even better: He punched an Imperial Knight to death, put down the Swarmlord, ground to dust several Necron Warriors and Immortals before snuffing out a Necron Lord, sanitized a Nurgle Plague Lord, showed that just because you are called the Emperor's Champion doesn't make you the Emperor's Champion, and never took more than five wounds in a battle. If I had any doubts about how good Calgar is, they were put to rest over the course of five OFCC games. Overall, OFCC was one of the best tournaments I've ever played in. Thanks!
  5. Well, I'm pretty new too. At least to 8th edition. Probably not gonna be much of a challenge for ya. But I do like to play!
  6. The model on a fortification thing is nothing new. Remember the Imperial Knight on a Skyshield Landing pad? LOL
  7. The Not-A-Knight-Titan Dreadnought? LOL That'll be fun. While at GenCon last week, I wondered by the 40K tourny. There was a Custodes player with like 9 Wardens+Capt, Capt on jet bike, couple more jetbikes, a Pallas, and three (!!) Caladius tanks. I also saw a ton of Eldar flyers and Imperial Knights. /shrug That was one tournament I was glad not to be in.
  8. If you have 2-3 Caladius Tanks... I'll be disappointed in you. 😛
  9. I can do that! We talking the ITC on Friday, or just the team tournament? Two very different army lists... What time would you like to beat up on my Ultramarines?
  10. Who? Hook a brother up! We need to meet up and discuss strat-r-g!
  11. I'm looking for a team! If anyone needs an extra, please let me know!
  12. Tamwulf

    Blood Bowl

    I have these two sets: I'm never gonna play the game (too many games, not enough time) and they are just taking up space on my shelf. They are complete with everything in them. Make me an offer before I throw them up on eBay.
  13. I could be your Huckleberry, but not sure I have a tournament worthy list (Ultramarines).
  14. What time will the club be opening up? I'll be bringing my Ultra Ultramarines! tonight!
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