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  1. Could it be argued that people can pay for Battlescribe (the non-add version), then download the repositories that and use Battlescribe for making an army list, and because Battlescribe is making money from that, it's in violation of intellectual property rights? Happens all the time in the software industry. You can't make any app on the Google Play store or Apple's App store that makes money without giving 30% of that money to them. I really think Battlescribe's days are numbered. 😞
  2. I'm cleaning out a lot of my hobby stuff, and have a lot of older 40K Codexes and Age of Sigmar army books. I've seen the "library" in the Ordo room, and wonder if it would be OK to "donate" all my old books? Otherwise, I'll probably just take them to Good Will.
  3. Goonhammer might be more positive, but doesn't touch on any of the mistakes found in the book. They all seem to be proof reading errors. Even so, which cost do you use for the Phyrr Cat? Do you have Power Axes in your gang, even though they can't buy them? I guess Clan Escher raided an ammo bunker and that's why all their Bolters are now Ammo 4+? These are some serious issues for a Gang. The fluff was good, artwork was good. Overall layout was good, but when it came to actual rules, GW really dropped the ball here. What do you do in a case like this? "Have a conversation with your opponen
  4. Taken from Dakka Dakka: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/1140/784965.page
  5. Found this on Facebook. I'm sure it'll help! The models are color coded on the srpues to help in assembly.
  6. The problem is Android SDK is in Java, and Apple can use Java, but it's mainly developed in Swift (which is Java-like, but handles things very differently). They can both use Objective C, and they use the same Data Bases, but the way it processes those DB's are very different. The operating systems in Android and iOS are VERY different in how they handle code. You can't just "port over" Android code into XCode and then let the interpreter compile into Swift and... it just doesn't work that way. They basically have to make two Apps or it will be nothing but bugs, problems, and DB errors all the
  7. Yeah, I'm not sure HOW they are going to get this app on iPhone. Apple are tyrants about apps, requiring full access to the app for a very lengthy and technical approval process. Then, every time the app requires an update, it has to go through the entire process again. I have a feeling the hang up is GW trying to negotiate the fees. See, if an app is "free", then the creator is charged a one time fee to apply to have the App put on the store. If the app has micro-transactions or a monthly fee, Apple gets a percentage of that fee- and it's a hefty 15%-30% depending on the type and amount.
  8. I was all hyped about taking the Banner of Macragge Inviolate on the new Bladeguard Ancient for my Ultramarines until I read that the Relic is for Ancients only. The Bladeguard Ancient's +1 to hit for Bladeguard Units is NOT tied to his standard. With the UM banner, they would have been +1 attack, +1 to hit, autopass morale. But he has the keyword "Bladeguard Ancient" which is annoying. I'm thinking I'll probably just use the Primaris Ancient with UM Banner, Victrix Honor Guard, and the Bladeguard Captain as a nice little CC unit. In an Impulsor I think. Yeah, looking like I'll be making some
  9. I'm interested, and thinking Imperial Fists. Time for a new Space Marine army!
  10. Just keep it simple. Either go with all PL, or points, but not both. Isn't the original Crusade Rules built around Power Level? And allowing a "pool" of models for players to create a list from just rewards the players that already have an army as they'll just pick the best units right off the bat. Allowing players, especially new players, a Power Level army makes army creation much, much easier, and allows limited customization for a unit from game to game. It's always a nightmare trying to "validate" an army list. The player used an out of date publication, they didn't check the FAQ/Errata,
  11. Small sized games >1000 points have never suffered from rules problems, but from army selection issues. The idea that you can bring a battalion of a bare bones Space Marine Captain, a LT, and then three squads of MSU Intersessors, and I can bring a Superheavy detachment of, oh, why not a Imperial Knight and then 100 points of Guardsman in a Patrol detachment to maximize CP and play a game... I wonder who will win? It looks like 9th edition limits games by Power Level, and not so much points level. Maybe the days of a 1,850 point tournaments are over, and instead we'll see PL 100 instea
  12. A squad of characters? No way! LOL That would be like, the most broken thing ever. About Reivers- hot garbage, and unless they receive some kind of massive rework... what's the point? Their deployment options kinda suck, and require at the best 6" within a table edge and 9" away from enemy models. The Bolt Carbine and Heavy Bolt Pistol are nice, but the unit gets the most out of being a close combat unit, forcing you to swap out that Bolt Carbine for a combat knife that gives you one extra attack at no AP. Shock grenades are... well, with the changes to overwatch, it's a bit of a nerf. The -
  13. Not gonna comment too much on the new rules, because GW is only showing us a small sliver of the overall picture. They are generating hype and all that for a new edition. What I will comment on from what I have read: Points values for everything going up 15%+ means smaller armies. If it's 15% across the board, that means a 2,000 point game in the new edition will feel like a 1700 point game in 8th. I'd expect points values to go up a lot more for some units then others. Pure speculation on my part, but I bet a 2,000 point game in 9th will actually feel like a 1,500 point game in 8th. The pu
  14. What do I think it will bring to the game? A lot of changes. Probably 90% of all the ITC rules will be in it, especially since Mike Brandt is now on the GW team and was a play tester for 8th edition (and presumably, 9th as well). Don't care too much about anything else because Intersessors get chainswords! That is AWESOME! Exactly what the Primaris needed. I will field an entire army of Lt's if they can all take volkite pistols, Storm Shields, and Power Swords. Oh my Emperor YES!
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