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  1. You mean that sweet, sweet Primaris Tech Marine? 😉
  2. I am very hard pressed to think of any Imperium player NOT setting aside 85 reinforcement points, seeing your army list, selecting the best assassin for your list, and paying 1 CP for it. That's, what, one less reroll for the entire game? For a HUGE force multiplier that an assassin represents? Can't believe the Vidicare has a 72" range gun, a 2+ while in cover, and a 4++ the rest of the time. LOL And the insane bonuses he gets for not moving. Pretty sure he'll be the #1 selection for most games.
  3. A link to a link for the details is poor form, especially when there is nothing being answered anywhere besides "Steamroller! 75 Points! Top 8 get points for Warmachine Weekend!" This is a Steamroller, 75 points, 1-2 lists, what else? Painting required? Timed rounds? Chess clocks? Death clock? Prize support? Base line? Specialists? Final Standing variants? Any "House Rules" we need to be made aware of? Will the scenarios be published before hand, or will it be random each round? Do I need to bring my own objectives? Do I need physical cards, or will Warroom be enough? We are submitting lists via conflict chamber, but should I bring paper copies for my opponents without a tablet? Will there be free wifi for internet and using conflict chamber? Are you providing any incentive for people to continue playing after they lose a game? Only top 8 get points, and I imagine you'll have the standard Steamroller prize kit, so only 1-3 will get a trophy? Thanks Jesselowe for posting SOMETHING. I was about to ask because a buddy in Seattle told me about this even this weekend and was asking questions I couldn't answer. Many of the questions above are from him.
  4. Maybe I should have been more specific. Do you have the sign up list and is Thomas Dill on it? Thanks!
  5. Hmm. Anyone gonna have issues when I throw down 400 Slaves on square bases? Of course, 400 Slaves aren't really all that good anymore. Certainly not the juggernaut they were in 7th...
  6. Is it... can it be? Will my Skaven really come out of the hole they have been in since AoS came out?!?!
  7. They are the Deathsworn from Book 7: Inferno. 175 points, 5 guys with power axes, bolt pistols, and sweet, sweet stasis bombs.
  8. Anyone up for an Escalation League game on Saturday, 2/2 after 3:00 pm? Name a place, I'll travel.
  9. I'd love to be there for some sweet, sweet 1,000 point Escalation battles, but there is another game on TV that day. A small one called Super Bowl LIII.
  10. I'd be more interested in seeing the Dreadnought Drop Pod! Forge World hasn't had those in stock for like, years. Seen one... and they are HUGE.
  11. Oh, I don't know. Take a look at the Caladus Grav Tank. BS 2+, T 7, 3+/5++, Fly, ignores heavy weapon penalty, very friendly damage table, Twin Illistrus Accelerator Cannon: Range 60", heavy 8, S8 AP-3, D d3, and Twin Lastrum Bolt Cannon, 36", Heavy 6, S6 AP -2 D 1. Then the Gravitic Backwash: All units charging subtract 2 from the roll. 210 points. Best tank in 30K, and looks like best tank in 40K too. The 30K jet bikes with the big guns and lance don't seem to be as good as the 40K version with the Hurricane Bolters. The Ventariu Custodes (new jump pack guys) have an 18" Pistol2, S6 AP-2 D2. The buckler allows them to ignore a -1 AP value (if a weapon has an AP of -1, a model with a buckler treats it as AP 0 instead). Pretty good for jump pack infantry that can "deepstrike".
  12. From the GW Community Page Custodes Beta rules for all the 30K units for 40K. Now ya'll can feel the OP of the Custodes in 40K!
  13. What are the physical sizes of the objective markers? And if it explodes, do we measure from the edge of the objective marker, or from the closest model part of the objective to the unit? How big is the alter in the middle of the table? Can it be any piece of terrain, or are their limits to its size? Looks fun!
  14. Will we be using the new Beta Rule for Bolters during the League?
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