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  1. To add to what Dark Trainer said- if you are WAAC/Competitive Player and ROFL Stomp a casual player, don't pick apart their entire list, or tell them how they could have played better, or what their mistakes are unless they ask or seem inclined to want to know. All you are doing is trying to make them into a WAAC player. "You could have won if you had brought the Succubus instead of that in your list. On turn 1, you should have shot at this unit, not that unit. Why didn't you bring this unit instead of that unit? Don't you know about X,Y and Z combo with this strategem? Player X won World Champion GT with this list." Casual players don't want to hear ANY of that. If you just kicked them in the teeth, shake their hand, say "Thank you for the game" and that's it. Walk away. Telling such a player how they lost, that they should have taken A,B,C units, that they should have done this or that... that's like kicking them when they are laying on the ground bleeding from the savage stomping you just gave them. If they don't ask, don't offer. There needs to be a social contract between the players before a game. "I'm here to play a game and have fun. I want to roll a lot of dice, I want to laugh, I want to cry, and I don't care if I win or lose. It's how I want to play the game. If you don't like that idea, then let's play a different game or find new opponents." During a game, if you look across the table feeling great with a big [big bad swear word] eating grin on your face and your opponent looks upset, bored, disinterested- basically everything you are not feeling, ask yourself why, and what you can do to make them feel better or have a more fun game. In other words, show some empathy towards what your opponent is feeling. Don't just shrug your shoulders and keep on playing. I'm reminded of X-Wing Worlds back in... 2015 I think? I wasn't a very good X-wing player. I just brought what I wanted to play. Somehow, in round two, I played the guy who would become the winner of the whole tournament. I was having fun. Moving my ships around in unexpected ways, taking long shots with little chance of hitting, and about half way through the game, he threw a huge fit. He accused me of sand bagging, being intentionally difficult to play against, cheating, and trying to time out. We only had about 15 minutes left in the round and by some miracle, I was ahead in the game. X-Wing had just introduced the T-70 X-Wing that had a Tallon Roll maneuver that was new to me- I'd never used it before and when I finally did, he exploded on me. I was a bit shocked- he started shouting at me and I totally thought he was going to flip the table! Judge comes over because the guy was screaming at me. I explained that I misunderstood how Tallon Rolls were performed, and that I did not know I was being a difficult opponent. I offered my hand to my opponent and said "It's OK, you win. I concede. You are way more invested into this game then I am. I'm just here to have fun." He refused to shake my hand, and I packed up my ships and dropped out of the tournament. The Judge as I was leaving said "Hey, you would have won, you don't have to leave. That guy was just a poor sport." I said to the Judge "It was more important to him that he win then for me, so I let him win." and I shrugged my shoulders and that was that. The Judge did offer me some alternate artwork cards and Worlds template, but I told him to give them to the last place guy. I was done with X-wing. Played maybe a handful of games after that before selling it all off. One guy had destroyed any kind of enjoyment or interest I had in X-wing. Games workshop feels VERY strongly about this. So strongly that they devoted an entire page of 3rd ed AoS to it, and it's not ambiguous at all. It clearly states how you should act. It's important enough that it's reprinted in the 2021 General's Handbook for Pitched Battles. I expect the 10th ed 40K rule book will have something similar. Right now, it's scattered all over the Core Book in the sections few, if any players read. Other companies have done the same. Privateer Press had a very controversial "Page 3" for the longest time. Players took it as an excuse to WAAC and be jerks while playing the game. PP stopped doing the Page 3, and instead devoted a lengthy page on player etiquette and sportsmanship in their Steamroller Tournament document. Those of us that remember playing in the GW Grand Tournament's of the 90's will remember the 2-3 pages devoted to sportsmanship during the GT. The Atomic Mass Games/Fantasy Flight Games (Marvel Crisis Protocol, Star Wars X-Wing, Legion, and Armada) all have sections about sportsmanship. I'm hard pressed to think about any tabletop game that doesn't have some kind of section about sportsmanship or "casual vs. competitive play". Sorry Lyraeus. You seem to equate winning as fun, and you don't understand why players don't try their hardest to win. The old quote here is probably the best thing I can say: "It's not whether you win or lose; it's how you play the game" - Grantland Rice. You play the game to win. You equate that with always trying your hardest to win. Bring the hardest lists, the most powerful combo's, etc. etc. TLDR; Get off your winning is everything high horse. Your entire post comes off to me as "I'm better then casual players because I play to win and I don't understand why you don't".
  2. Man, I am so far behind now. Real Life is catching up to me!
  3. Yes, there is a new Ork Codex coming. No date yet, except GW "Soon". Next week is Sisters of Battle, so Orks maybe end of June/Early July? The next two codex announced are the Thousand Sons and Grey Knights.
  4. Yes, it's very nice! Much, much better for playing then the Battlescribe printout.
  5. Opps, forgot to post here. I'm planning on showing up for a Crusade game! Can do up to 1100 points with Adeptus Custodies. Still learning the nuances of 9th edition.
  6. Imperator missionis bellum of the Adeptus Custodies are ready to enforce the Emperor's Will! Gonna be a wild and crazy ride, that's for sure.
  7. It looks like I have no takers on a game so please remove my name from the list. Maybe next week!
  8. I'm looking for a 40K game on Thursday! My Ultramarines. Would like 1,500 to 2,000, but can do lower or a bit more. Really rusty, need to get back into the swing of things. Not looking for a face stomp/competitive game. More like a "Remember how to play this game?"
  9. Could it be argued that people can pay for Battlescribe (the non-add version), then download the repositories that and use Battlescribe for making an army list, and because Battlescribe is making money from that, it's in violation of intellectual property rights? Happens all the time in the software industry. You can't make any app on the Google Play store or Apple's App store that makes money without giving 30% of that money to them. I really think Battlescribe's days are numbered. 😞
  10. I'm cleaning out a lot of my hobby stuff, and have a lot of older 40K Codexes and Age of Sigmar army books. I've seen the "library" in the Ordo room, and wonder if it would be OK to "donate" all my old books? Otherwise, I'll probably just take them to Good Will.
  11. Goonhammer might be more positive, but doesn't touch on any of the mistakes found in the book. They all seem to be proof reading errors. Even so, which cost do you use for the Phyrr Cat? Do you have Power Axes in your gang, even though they can't buy them? I guess Clan Escher raided an ammo bunker and that's why all their Bolters are now Ammo 4+? These are some serious issues for a Gang. The fluff was good, artwork was good. Overall layout was good, but when it came to actual rules, GW really dropped the ball here. What do you do in a case like this? "Have a conversation with your opponent"? OK. What if your opponent is a brand new player, or maybe a player that knows nothing about House Escher? You can totally take 100% advantage of them. I mean, I'd be a little irked if all those power knives that cost half as many points as a power axe, suddenly have power axe stats! Not to mention using agent or bounty hunter. Just wow.
  12. Taken from Dakka Dakka: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/1140/784965.page
  13. Found this on Facebook. I'm sure it'll help! The models are color coded on the srpues to help in assembly.
  14. The problem is Android SDK is in Java, and Apple can use Java, but it's mainly developed in Swift (which is Java-like, but handles things very differently). They can both use Objective C, and they use the same Data Bases, but the way it processes those DB's are very different. The operating systems in Android and iOS are VERY different in how they handle code. You can't just "port over" Android code into XCode and then let the interpreter compile into Swift and... it just doesn't work that way. They basically have to make two Apps or it will be nothing but bugs, problems, and DB errors all the time. An example would be something like 2 + 3 x 4 = X. In Android, that might be X = 20. But in iOS, that could be X = 14. But you notice they used the same numbers (the Data Base) and the same operations (the programming code). It was how the Operating system interpreted the numbers and operations that mattered.
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