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Painting help with yellow...


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First - just wanted to say hope you all have an awsome time at OFCC this weekend! I'm going to try and swing by to watch and learn, but if not, hope you all have an awesome time!

Now to my painting question. I have been trying (and failing) to get a good set of shades/colors/highlights on my Yu Jing to get a strong yellow color (I'm shading and highlighting from Vallejo game color Moon Yellow), but I end up with brown and mustard. I primed in black with grey highlights (the Angel style from his books).

Does anyone have experience with yellow? Should I go back and prime everything in white? Or is there a good base color that I can build yellow on top of? Welcome any thoughts you all might have so I don't have to keep bring silver Yu Jing

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Without seeing the model/knowing the technique you're going for, I'd guess you're experiencing a problem with coverage. Averland Yellow or whatever the base yellow by GW is has pretty excellent coverage, but so does the Reaper high pigment range. Either of these should alleviate the coverage issue. 

As for priming preferences, I'm guessing you're talking about zenithal priming (spraying from an elevated angle to simulate the sun's light coming down onto the model). I personally lightly spray white as my final hit which impacts the overall chroma (i.e. brightness), but that won't help too much with your coverage issue. 

Hope that helps! If not, I can write more sometime I'm not on my phone. 

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