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Post OFCC ITC rankings

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  Figured I would do a post event ITC snapshot for you all.




 Sotzeentchy-Joe Krier--15th overall/#2 of 41 Tzeentch/2 events played

Mexican Ninja-Arturos Gonzalez- 19th overall/Numero Uno! Ironjawz player out of 28 / 3 events played

WillianWallace85-Kyle Breckenridge-21st overall/#2 Sylvaneth of 30/3 events played

Threejacks-Keith Jackson-31st overall/#2 Bonesplitterz out of 7/3 events played

Trema-Joshua Even-56th overall/#7 Stormcast out of 59/2 events played

Deadwing34-Jeremy Conser-91st overall/#12 Tzeentch of 41/2 events played

Pyre Warden-Steve Benz- 196th overall/#13 Sylvaneth out of 30/1 event played

Crash311-Martin Lund-330th overall/#5 Beastclaws out of 12/ 1 event played

Lustriangod-Mike Case-359th overall/#8 Seraphon out of 13/1 event played

(son of) Crash311-Max-399th overall/#35 Destruction out of 40/1 event played


 Keep in mind that playing in as many events as you can is the easiest way to get into the top ranks of this system,,take me for instance,,I get my [big bad swear word] pushed most all the time but still rank in the top 10%  just cuz I show up..so yeah its kinda like one of those online games were ya spawn in and go afk and let everyone else carry ya lol.

  Also be sure to list your allegiences correctly when loggin your info for an event.In cases were you are a specific army allegiance it can be much easier to get good ranking within that specific armies group than the Grand Alliance one...the specific armies will become more populated with players over time as they all go through their popularity hills and valleys.




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1 hour ago, MikhailLenin said:

I myself have Numero 10 in Overall placing for ITC AoS 2017 as of today with 3/5 Events 

I am the Top Stormcast Eternal player for ITC with 3 of 4 events.


Yeah,,was going to mention you and Alex as Alex is sitting at 9th overall and number one Death..but since you guys decided to go play "other games" besides the AWESOME Age of Sigmar Minatures game...I left you two out:tongue:


  Still since you two are our top two regional players I would love to see you guys face off sometime:)


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