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Grot Mekanized force, Da Kloned Kommandos


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For OFCC this year I'm doing an all Grots mechanized force. All the stuff that's not a Grot will have Grot pilots. Pretty heavy on kitbash/converted/proxy, the only GW stuff is current Gretchen for pilots and 30, second ed starter box monopose Gretchen for troops. My "Kloned Kommandos"
List is all the things that sounded fun to build:
2 Mekka Dreads (from Gundams)
12 Grot tanks (half scratch, half dollar store tank)
3 Chinorks (the helicopters from Dust Tactics that were on super discount)
2 BigMeks (Noodling on how to make Mek sized Grots)
Big Trakk with supa scorcha ( half discount Dust tractor, half scratch)

Been having a blast so far! Did a demo model to test out the paint scheme. Going to up the teal  and decrease the blue for final scheme and need to find a better steel color. Really happy with the color and amount of rust though.
Demo for color scheme:
Blocked in Grot tanks, still need detailing.940933_md-.jpgBlocked in Chinork, still needs detailing.
I've been using nail gems for rivvits and love them! Any suggestions for "must-build" details I need to add? Criticism, critiques?


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Sat down to watch bad movies last night and built this guy. Always wanted to do an Orky version of an Arctic explorer rig, figured the Big Trakk was the perfect opportunity. Did it as a shorter body pulling a trailer because it keeps with the cuter vibe the Grots pull out. Trailer has a central pin so I can swap the main weapon or add a flatbed if I ever go transportation role with it. Still needs detailing but mostly done.




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