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Khorne List for OFCC

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Hello everyone,

I'll be taking a Khorne-themed list to OFCC this year.  Last weekend I was fortunate enough to acquire 2 used Blood Slaughterers so I've dropped my Helbrute and Maulerfiend in order to include these 2 FW units in my list.

What do ya'all think of this list?

Tallarn Commander's World Eaters Legion Chaos Marine Battalion and Khorne Daemon Battalion, 2000 points


• Barnabas the Butcher, Daemon Prince of Khorne, Collar of Borenghast, Daemonic Axe
• Gravelbeard, Exalted Champion, Mark of Khorne,  Axe of Blind Fury 
Barnabas is an ex Night Lords Chaos Lord who heard the call of Khorne. He was gifted with Princedom for converting a Night Lords warband to the worship of khorne. Barnabas was initially converted by Exalted Champion Gravelbeard. Together, the two have formed their own World Eaters warband.

TROOPS [618]
• Bloodtongue, 8 Bezerkers, Mark of Khorne, 7 chainaxes, Icon of Wrath, plasma pistol, powerfist
• Bloodflowers, 8 Bezerkers, Mark of Khorne, 7 chainaxes, Icon of Wrath, plasma pistol, power sword
• BloodBliss, 8 Bezerkers, Mark of Khorne , 7 chainaxes, Icon of Wrath, pair of lightning claws, plasma pistol
• The Alliance, 8 Chaos Marines, Mark of Khorne, lascannon , power axe
The Bezerkers are Night Lords who have sworn allegiance to Khorne and undergone the Butcher's Nails. The Chaos Marines support the Bezerkers in a fire support role. Barnabas has promised them that once they make their 888th ranged kill, he will allow them to experience the Butcher's Nails procedure.

• Tentaculus, Chaos Rhino, 2 combi-bolters
• Goretrack, Chaos Rhino, 2 combi-bolters 
• Old Faithful, Chaos Rhino, 2 combi-bolters 
These ancient AFVs manuever the Bezerkers around the battlefield.

• BloodLady, Blood Slaughterer of Khorne, 2 Slaughter Blades
• 888, Bloodslaughterer of Khorne, 2 Slaughter Blades
• Rrrrrawwwr, Chaos Spawn
The BloodSlaughterers have recently been spawned in the World Eaters' Hellforges. They are eager to shed blood. The Chaos Spawn were once Noise Marines who didn't turn it up to 11. This displeased Slaanesh.

• Bloodsnipers, 8 Chaos Havocs, Mark of Khorne, 3 lascannons, power axe
While the BloodSnipers provide the World Eaters with much needed firepower, they itch to be in melee. Sadly, Barnabas has deemed their ranged support role as too valuable to the warband. TheBloodSnipers are doomed by their own success.


• Boneskull, Bloodmaster
• Bonecape, Bloodmaster
The Bloodmasters whip the Bloodletters into an even greater frenzy.

• Death from Above, 10 Bloodletters, instrument 
• SkullBrass, 10 Bloodletters, instrument
• The Immaterium Bleeds, 10 Bloodletters, instrument
Fierce yet fragile, the Bloodletters act as the World Eater's light shock troops.


80 models (73 infantry, 3 tanks, 2 daemon engines, 1 monster, 1 beast)

CP=11; 3 base, plus 10 for 2 battalions, minus 1 for taking 2 relics

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