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CSM want list - sprues and models

Brother Glacius

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Just got some standard CSM in a trade, but they don't have the upgrade sprue. Anyone have partials that they are willing to part with. Tons to trade.


Looking for:

CSM upgrade sprue (special, heavy, and champ items)


IG bitz, lasguns, pistols, belts, harnesses, etc. Necromunda weapons. Anything to tack on to the model to give him more gear.




plastic deamon prince




2 metal chaos hounds

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Dang really just looking for the bright lance ones. I will still trade as many of the hellbrutes as you want if you have anything else. I have marines, IG, orks, necrons, and a small elder army. And I am sure I can dig through my box and find some IG bits. I have a ton.

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 Hello there,


I have a DV lord and a hellbrute if the other trade doesn't go through.  Trading stuff is always fun, my son and I have tons of armies:  Space Wolves; Space Marines; Tyranids; CSM; Orks; Necrons and Eldar.


Just lemme know.


Stay safe,



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