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Desired Long term team value


Well built Team TV  

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  1. 1. What do you feel the general top end TV for a team in Blood Bowl is?

    • 1401 - 1500
    • 1501 - 1600
    • 1601 - 1700
    • 1701 - 1800
    • 1801 - 1900
    • 1901 - 2000
    • 2201 - 2300
    • 2301+

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@Burk got an earful of my thoughts ( some might say a whine of my childishness ) last night when we were setting up ( and maybe while we were playing ) our league game about this seasons change to the "end of season" process for the league.

Generally, some structure is in place in the rules to limit the upper end of TV to keep more parity in a league, e.g. Spiralling Expenses, expensive mistakes, the new re-buy structure.

I wanted to know what peoples idea of an ideal TV is. A TV that would be fun to let's say, prebuild teams to, and you would have fun playing against each other.

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Your range is too narrow. I think the game starts getting ideal at 1500 & stays that way until about 1800. After that you start seeing heavy spam of the same skills (guard/mb/tackle/piling on) on bash teams making them an almost dead ringer in any tourney they're in. 15-1800 its still anyone's game for the most part.

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