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Blood Bowl Teams for Sale


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Thinning out my BB teams to make room for new ones.

OOP Bare Plastic Orcs from 3rd ed box (assembled):
6 Linemen
2 Black Ork
2 Blitzer
2 Thrower
$15 plus shipping

2 Greebo (I think) Trolls (assembled and bare metal)
$15 each plus shipping

OOP 3rd ed High Elves. Painted well and ready for the pitch.
7 Linemen
2 Blitzers
1 Thrower
2 Catchers
1 Prince Moranion
$105 plus shipping

OOP 3rd ed Dark Elves (painted fair)
7 Linemen
2 Blitzers
2 Witch Elves
1 Assassin
2 Runners
1 Cheerleader
$63 plus shipping

OOP 3rd ed Skaven (painted by Blue Table Painting)
6 Linemen
2 Throwers
2 Blitzers
4 Gutterrunners (two are kitbashed but blend in well)
2 Catchers
1 Rat Ogre
$125 plus shipping

Willy Miniatures Skaven team (bare metal, unassembled)
6 Linemen
4 Gutterrunners
2 Throwers
2 Blitzers
1 Rat Ogre
1 Fat Rat Star Player
$84 plus shipping

Willy Miniatures Chaos Dwarves (bare metal, unassembled)
6 Chaos Dwarves
4 Hobgoblins
2 Bull Centaurs
1 Minotaur
1 Blunderbuss Chaos Dwarf
1 Female Chaos Dwarf
1 Hobgolbin w/knife
$84 plus shipping

Original Dungeon Bowl box. Opened and played. All contents included.
$60 plus shipping

Pictures are available. Just send me a PM with your email address.

Thanks for looking,


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Willys minis are sexy.  I have the CD's.


if you are willing to part it out I would like the blunderbuss and i might be interested in the female CD but would need a pic as I did not see a female on on willys so want to know what it is.

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