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NW Warmaster?

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Not sure if there is a 'scene' yet. I've heard people were playing locally again. That is apparently all I needed to trigger my ADD and starting buying them again. *sigh*

Other than that, I do plan on teaching my friend how to play and hopefully add it to my rotation. And it looks like at least Scott is up for some games as well. What do you have for armies?

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Well I've now got a decent start on an Empire army 🙂 Though I need more halberdiers in order to get it to 2K. Other than that, not much. So much going on lately across various gaming scenes, its been hard to focus on just one thing (story of my life). I've been looking for something to paint lately though and maybe warmaster is just what I need to do. Hmmmm. I now have orcs and gobs, tomb kings, chaos warriors, dwarfs, high elves, and empire. Dwarfs, HE and Empire all need paint. I think I'll figure out a couple of 1K lists and get to work painting them. Then see about getting in some re-learning games.

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Gordianus and I got in our first game last night. I couldn't find my darn rulebook, so was using the living rulebook (not warmaster revolutions). To keep things simple for our first time, we just played with starter set armies. He ran orcs and gobs, while I ran undead. Points wise they are the closest two armies I think. All in all, the game went fairly well. There were a few times I went running back to the PC to check on something. Gordi's orcs took out three of my units and forced me to withdraw, but, I got more victory points than he did, so it ended in a draw. Not bad for the first game. I'm going to have to start writing down questions as they come up in the games though. There are so many strange situations that can happen in warmaster. Still, a fun game and it was nice to have the little buggers out again. Now I just gotta find that dang rulebook.

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