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stupid TSHFT list


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okay my painting is behind so I was thinking of going with what is painted.

supreme command detachment

HQ#1: rage thirster

HQ#2: skarbrand

HQ#3: Uraka the warfiend

HQ#4 Deamon prince

HQ#5 skulltaker

Lord of War: An'ggrath the unbound

Elite: crushers to fill the rest of the points.

I could also bring less hq's and bring a small berserker detachment.





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1 minute ago, InfestedKerrigan said:

When you have big models, you learn to easily transport them.

Same with small models, I suppose. I was just asking with regards to his list. Dunno about you, but being able to transport my army is large consideration in what I bring with me to game nights.

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11 hours ago, Skkipper said:

yes easy to transport. I was going to bring the Berzerker horde but my khad assault pod is taking forever to paint. I will noodle some more tonight to figure out what works. a small army of cultists may help with first strike issues.

No. No cultists. This is not the list for that. 

You have chosen to take everything that embodies rage and reaping skills for the throne. While you may not win every game, things will die and Khorne will be pleased.

But no, really... This is a super cool list and I also think I will try it out at some point. Maybe find a way to add Samus or whatever the other khorne demon prince is called. 

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1 hour ago, Skkipper said:

no room for crushers so it is just the 6 deamons. Do you still roll for warlord traits or can you pick one? if I can pick An'ggrath will be warlord with the feel no pain trait if it is random Skarbrand will be my warlord.

You can choose or roll, in this edition. Though many of the named characters have fixed traits.

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