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Fun Apoc today!


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  Had a great time today!


  I wasn't sure how serious of a battle it would be and actually was expecting a full on Tau force thus the reason for bringing the Massive Fortification and facing an enemy that doesn't have access to many D weapons of its own.


 The Phantom Titan joining up with the Tau forces certainly helped to create the illusion that the battle was going to be rather even but it didn't take long for the points imbalance to show through leaving the Tau with fewer and fewer units to control areas of the board.


 Then of course it devolved into a Nid vs everyone else fight and as that was winding down I think my hapless Orks were next on the chopping block so im glad we called it when we did,lol.


Kudos to Pax for his first turn takedown of the Tesseract Vault and to Chappy and his epic Drop Pod assault that ultimately ended the shooting attacks of the Phantom :tup



  Hopefully there will be more action like this from time to time perhaps trying out some of the Scens/Suppliments that are available for this type of group play.


 I took a lot of pics on my phone but only a few turned out decent due to my being a fail photographer.I posted a few on my Facebook but im not sure if I should put them in the gallery here as I know that space is limited.

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Yeah...wow, there is certainly a difference between apoc with players that don't know their rules very well and ones that do. Our game had players that really knew their rules. AgentP limited us to 30minutes per turn per team. That's like 6 people getting an entire game turn done in 30 minutes....and we did it beautifully. It was a game of smiles and enjoyment and was over quicker than we thought it would be. Thanks guys, that was awesome.

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