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Holy WAAAGH! if this is even remotely true. 



via an anonymous source on Faeit 212

This is a large release with five plastic kits and
two codices - the main codex and one supplement for blood axe freebooterz.
- a warboss in mega-armour with a "chainblade cleaver"
- a box that makes 3 behemorks, giant orks, as large as a killa-kan. They are stitched-up painboy experiments with giant chainaxes and a cannon that shoots buzz saw-blades. There is a heavily armoured variant with power drills and some sort of shoulder-mounted beam weapon with a tesla coil muzzle.
- a tankbusta combokit for the specialist ork squads
- buggy kit that also makes defflaunchas, halftrakk multiple-rocket-launchers. There is pirate nob either on foot or on the buggy. He was described as a mix of pirate and mercenary. A giant grappling hook replaces his forearm, a custom energy pistol, a bandana and two crossed belts on his breast with trophy fangs. The nob is a new HQ choice called 'ead'unter.
- The last kit is a battle fortress larger than a baneblade. It has a maritime vibe to it. It is basically a huge platform on three tracks with a round gun turret in the middle and several outer gun emplacements. The gun emplacement are not automated or armoured turrets, but open WW2 flak guns operated by orks and gretchins.
The platform has the shape of a star like renaissance-era fortresses with corrugated metal rails. There is an engine section at the rear end under the platform with exaggerated exhaust-chimneys and a crane that puts scrabs into a tank mouth. The main turret superstructure looks like an igloo. It has either a cannon with three barrels, each with a different size and length or a command bridge. On the platform there is either a landing platform including a killa kopta, a missile silo or two double-barreled armoured turrets.
The last options allegedly makes the fortress look like a battleship. There are galley-like trenches in the platform where ork passengers huddle. They are either empty or covered by canvas, so you can only see the bulges made by their heads.
The model has lots of humorous touches. The gretchins all wear spiked bismarck-like helmets. There is an ork bouncer standing at the bulkhead of the command tower.


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Yeah cant wait for deh boyz now!


Just picked up what will probably be the extent of my Imper..er "Astra Militarium" purchases(Dex and 2 Hydra kits) Now its time to save up for the next one!


And im pretty stoked to see Blood Axes being chosen as their first big Suppliment since that's been my chosen tribe since I started playing:)..it makes a lot of sense that GW would do this too with both being back to back 40k releases.

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I actually hope this codex suffers from a horrible case of scope creep on par with tau & eldar.


Something crazy like "Orks ignore overwatch wounds, can run shoot & assault, and get FNP 2+ when they WAAAGH!".


Not that I'm wish listing...

You know orks, if they get codex creep, it will be in the form of a random table which is really OP....sometimes.

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And more. Regardless of accuracy, it's nice to see news gain steam and hope the codex is nigh.




via Larry Vela on Bols

Orks - 5 Kits

1) Plastic Warboss: Multi-part plastic kit which make a warboss in mega armor with new weapon options.


2) Deffkoptas: Plastic box. Dual build kit with a new Grot skimmer.


3) Tankbustas/Flashgitz/Ardboys: Multi-part plastic kit which makes any of the three units.


4) Buggy/Halftrakk Plastic kit with a new Supa-rokkit Launcha option.


5) Mek/Mad-doc/Mega-armor unit (NEW): Plastic dual unit kit - First unit is similar to oversized Cyb-orks. Shoots new saw-cannon. Second unit option makes mega armor Orks

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