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W: Space Marine Back Banners; H: $$$


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The molded banners, plastic preferred but I won't turn up my nose as pewter or resin. I've never had much luck with paper banners as they don't travel very well and are a pain in the rear to do en mass (lessons I learned the hard way when I decided my noble Bretonnians had to have individual lance pennants during the Nineties...). Preferably ones without chapter specific iconography.

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17 minutes ago, WestRider said:

Yeah, I've got 17 of them. Varied numbers of half a dozen different designs. Some have Aquilas or Laurels or stuff on them, but nothing actually Chapter-specific.

Perfect! I don’t mind the generically imperial iconography at all, I just didn’t want to have to file off a bunch of Fenrisian wolves and such.

What would you like in return for them?

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